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28 OCT 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey Comments on End of Cold War

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With the news that the Empire has withdrawn its fleets from the Pleiades Nebula, apparently signalling the end of the Federal-Imperial cold war, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has commented on the cessation of hostilities.

Addressing a large crowd in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim, Halsey said:

“Like many of you, I rejoiced when I heard the Federation had recalled its ships. But my jubilation was undercut by the knowledge that our protests and entreaties had failed to move a single Federal or Imperial vessel. Were it not for the emergence of a greater potential threat, the Empire and Federation might still be installed in the Pleiades, squabbling over barnacles. And while the impact of the conflict could have been far greater, it was still far from a bloodless war.”

“I would like to believe that the Federation and Empire have learned from this experience, but I suspect they have not. But I promise you that I will continue to help those affected by such conflicts, for as long as I am able.”

27 OCT 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey Comments on End of Cold War

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With the news that the Empire has withdrawn its fleets from the Pleiades Nebula, apparently signalling the end of the Federal-Imperial cold war, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has commented on the cessation of hostilities.

Addressing a large crowd in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim, Halsey said:

“Like many of you, I rejoiced when I heard the Federation had recalled its ships. But my jubilation was undercut by the knowledge that our protests and entreaties had failed to move a single Federal or Imperial vessel. Were it not for the emergence of a greater potential threat, the Empire and Federation might still be installed in the Pleiades, squabbling over barnacles. And while the impact of the conflict could have been far greater, it was still far from a bloodless war.”

“I would like to believe that the Federation and Empire have learned from this experience, but I suspect they have not. But I promise you that I will continue to help those affected by such conflicts, for as long as I am able.”

20 OCT 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey Comments on End of Cold War

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With the news that the Empire has withdrawn its fleets from the Pleiades Nebula, apparently signalling the end of the Federal-Imperial cold war, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has commented on the cessation of hostilities.

Addressing a large crowd in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim, Halsey said:

“Like many of you, I rejoiced when I heard the Federation had recalled its ships. But my jubilation was undercut by the knowledge that our protests and entreaties had failed to move a single Federal or Imperial vessel. Were it not for the emergence of a greater potential threat, the Empire and Federation might still be installed in the Pleiades, squabbling over barnacles. And while the impact of the conflict could have been far greater, it was still far from a bloodless war.”

“I would like to believe that the Federation and Empire have learned from this experience, but I suspect they have not. But I promise you that I will continue to help those affected by such conflicts, for as long as I am able.”

30 JUN 3303 – Freelance Report: Fragile Unity in Federal Congress

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Following disturbing reports of attacks on Federal ships in the Pleiades Nebula, the partisan rancour that often characterises Federal Congress has faded into the background as both Republican and Liberal members of congress rally around President Zachary Hudson. Rumours that the attacks were perpetrated by the Thargoids abound, prompting calls for increased military spending.

Emerging in the wake of the no-confidence vote that resulted in the expulsion of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, the bellicose Hudson administration was seen by many as emblematic of the Federation's uncertain path into the 34th century. But the possibility of an alien incursion is rapidly smoothing over the political sore points.

Shadow President Felicia Winters has been careful to neither endorse nor condemn Hudson’s militaristic rhetoric. Meanwhile, both the Republican and Liberal parties have remained silent on the post-presidential career of Jasmina Halsey, whose advocacy for galactic peace contrasts sharply with the hawkish leader who ordered planetary bombardments against onionhead growers in the Kappa Fornacis system. In the political press, attention has focused on the fact that Halsey has become a close confidante of Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon – another moderate voice on the intergalactic stage.


08 JUN 3303 – Galactic News: Conflict in Jotunheim Draws to a Close

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Authorities in Jotunheim have announced that the operation to drive the Autocracy of Jotunheim from the system has succeeded.

The organisation entered the system in order to bring it under Imperial control, but the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance was swiftly mobilised to repel the incursion.

Both factions issued calls for support, and hundreds of independent combat pilots responded, but ultimately the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance emerged victorious. The Autocracy of Jotunheim has now withdrawn from the system.

The success of the resistance operation was due in no small part to the support of Jasmina Halsey. Scores of pilots responded to her request for commodities, which were then donated to Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance.

As the conflict drew to a close, representatives of the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance and the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry thanked those who supported their operations.

Pilots who participated in the conflict can now collect their rewards from Big Harry's Monkey Hangout in the Jotunheim system.

01 JUN 3303 – Community Goal: The Battle for Jotunheim

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Recent reports from Jotunheim indicate that the Autocracy of Jotunheim, an Imperial-aligned organisation, has entered the system with a remit to bring it under Imperial control.

Regional authorities have opposed the incursion, and have authorised the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance to drive the Autocracy of Jotunheim from the system. The Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance has also issued a call to independent combat pilots for support, promising to reward those who lend their aid. The Autocracy of Jotunheim has issued a similar plea.

Meanwhile, peace activist Jasmina Halsey has surprised commentators by placing an open order for performance enhancers, armour and military grade fabrics, which she has pledged to donate to the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance in support of its operation. The Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry is coordinating Halsey’s appeal.

Anticipating the furore her decision would cause, Halsey released the following statement:

“I know I will be criticised for intervening in this conflict. But if those who oppose this war believe it can be stopped through peaceful protest alone, they are mistaken. If we do not help the people of Jotunheim, they will lose their homeland. We cannot stand idly by.”

All three campaigns begin on the 1st of June 3303 and will run for one week. If any of the factions involved meets its targets earlier than planned, its campaign will end immediately.

21 MAY 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey Stages Anti-War Protest

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey held a public demonstration in the Alioth system yesterday in protest of the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Federation.

More than 30,000 people attended the event, which lasted for several hours and occupied one of the main public plazas in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim.

A number of high-profile speakers and activists addressed the crowd, although Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was notable by his absence. Political commentators were quick to point out, however, that the demonstration could not have taken place without his foreknowledge, if not his explicit approval.

In an address to the crowd, Halsey said:

“As a 20th Century historian once wrote, ‘The underlying reason for war is always economic.’ This conflict has nothing to do with freedom or liberation – it is about resources. And I believe enough people have died to line the pockets of already wealthy individuals in the Federation and the Empire.”

“I speak now directly to President Zachary Hudson and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval: It is not too late for you to listen to reason.”

Neither the Empire nor the Federation elected to respond to Halsey’s statement.

20 MAY 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey Stages Anti-War Protest

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey held a public demonstration in the Alioth system yesterday in protest of the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Federation.

More than 30,000 people attended the event, which lasted for several hours and occupied one of the main public plazas in Nerah City on Argent’s Claim.

A number of high-profile speakers and activists addressed the crowd, although Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon was notable by his absence. Political commentators were quick to point out, however, that the demonstration could not have taken place without his foreknowledge, if not his explicit approval.

In an address to the crowd, Halsey said:

“As a 20th Century historian once wrote, ‘The underlying reason for war is always economic.’ This conflict has nothing to do with freedom or liberation – it is about resources. And I believe enough people have died to line the pockets of already wealthy individuals in the Federation and the Empire.”

“I speak now directly to President Zachary Hudson and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval: It is not too late for you to listen to reason.”

Neither the Empire nor the Federation elected to respond to Halsey’s statement.

06 APR 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey's Campaign Concludes

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced that her campaign to provide relief for those at Dirichlet Orbital has been a resounding success. Hundreds of pilots supported the campaign by eliminating agitators in Yum Kamcabi and delivering supplies to the starport.

As the campaign drew to a close, Jasmina Halsey released a statement:

"This was a huge humanitarian effort on behalf of thousands of refugees caught in the crossfire of war. I cannot thank the contributing pilots enough. I know they have the gratitude of every man, woman and child at Dirichlet Orbital."

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Dirichlet Orbital in the Yum Kamcabi system.

30 MAR 3303 – Community Goal: Halsey Requests Relief

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has appealed for relief for the refugees currently at Dirichlet Orbital.

In a statement, Halsey said:

"Dirichlet Orbital has already become a haven for those fleeing the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Federation. But if we are to provide these people with ongoing care, we will need the help of the galactic community. Fortunately, the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry has volunteered to support a relief operation."

The Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry has pledged to reward pilots who deliver Natural Fabrics, Food Cartridges, and Basic Medicines to Dirichlet Orbital in the Yum Kamcabi system. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Patani Labour has placed a kill order on all wanted ships operating in Yum Kamcabi, to counter the threat to trade routes.

The campaign begins on the 30th of March 3303 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

09 FEB 3303 – Galactic News: Halsey's Campaign Reaches Successful Conclusion

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced that her campaign to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war has received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the campaign by delivering construction materials to Dirichlet Orbital, the campaign's centre.

As the campaign drew to a close, Jasmina Halsey released a statement:

"It is clear to me that, in the current political climate, peace cannot be achieved without practical effort. It feels so good to do something that will have a measurable impact."

"My sincere thanks go to the many pilots who supported this campaign, and to the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry for its generous financial support."

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Dirichlet Orbital in the Yum Kamcabi system.

03 FEB 3303 – Galactic News: Galactic Leaders Trade Blows

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The leaders of the galaxy's three superpowers have released further statements concerning reports of mysterious spacecraft.

Emperor Arissa-Lavigny Duval, responding to the recent statement from Federal President Zachary Hudson, said:

"Once again, President Hudson has shown himself to be little more than a warmonger. I say again: we must not jump to conclusions. We have not yet acquired any reliable information about these vessels. We must be patient."

No sooner had the Emperor made her statement than President Hudson responded. Speaking at a rally on Mars, he said:

"Some believe that aliens have infiltrated the Empire. An improbable claim? Maybe. But then again, maybe not. After all, we are almost certainly dealing with an extremely advanced species. Who knows what they are capable of?"

Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon did not release a statement, but former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, who has become one of Mahon's most trusted advisors, made an announcement in which she seemed to address the ongoing Federal-Imperial conflict as much as the mysterious ships:

"Understanding. Cooperation. These must be our watchwords. We have to go beyond party politics and petty point scoring. Only by working together can we hope to avoid bloodshed."

02 FEB 3303 – Community Goal: Halsey to Build Refugee Centre

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Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced plans to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war – specifically those affected by the ongoing Federal-Imperial conflict. In a statement, Halsey said:

"The centre will of course provide victims with food and shelter, but it will also serve to reunite families and friends, and where necessary will help those affected by war relocate to new systems."

Humanitarian groups were quick to applaud Halsey, who since being discharged from the Clearwater Clinic in July last year has repeatedly expressed her commitment to peace.

The campaign has received financial support from the Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry, which has placed an open order for Power Generators, Tantalum and Polymers for use in the construction. Pilots who deliver these commodities to Dirichlet Orbital in the Yum Kamcabi system will be generously rewarded.

The campaign begins on the 2nd of February 3303 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

20 SEP 3302 – Galactic News: Halsey Shares Her Vision

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Since leaving the Clearwater psychiatric centre in July, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has maintained a relatively low profile. But now the former leader has broken her silence to share news of "a compelling vision" with the galactic community.

In a public address at Gotham Park in the Alioth system, Halsey described the nature of her vision:

"I saw a place of extraordinary beauty. A paradise. It was truly wonderful."

"This was no dream – it was a glimpse of something very real."

"We must find this place. It could be our future."

Halsey's peculiar statement will no doubt disappoint those who believed she had made a full psychological recovery.

29 JUL 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Returns to Public Life

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At a recent charity event, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey made her first public appearance since she was discharged from a secure psychiatric facility on Mars two weeks ago. The woman seen at the event differed dramatically from the frail individual seen leaving the Clearwater Clinic. Some commented that she appeared even more confident than when she was in office.

After the event, reporters asked President Halsey what she has planned for the future.

"I know that many of you have been perplexed by my recent statements, but having reflected on my experiences, I have accepted that what I saw might not have been literally real. I do believe, however, that the message contained in those experiences is valid, and that I have a duty to share that message."

"As a species we have learned nothing from our history. We plundered the Earth for its treasures, treating it with callous indifference, and now we stumble blindly into space in pursuit of wealth and glory. And all the while we are heedless of the damage we cause."

"We remain a violent species, unable to cooperate, and we are therefore deprived of the prosperity that true peace would bring."

Halsey further surprised reporters by stating that she had recently met with Alliance Prime Minster Edmund Mahon, and that she would soon be relocating to a system within Alliance space.

22 JUL 3302 – Freelance Report: Could Halsey Shake up Federal Politics?

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Following the release of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey from the Clearwater Clinic, commentators from around the galaxy are asking the same question: What's next for Halsey?

According to political analyst Emilio Blythe: "If Halsey were to return to politics, it could spell trouble for Shadow President Felicia Winters. Winters's leadership of the Liberal Party has been questioned over the last few months, and Halsey could conceivably retake control of the party."

Meanwhile, members of the religious cult known as The Hands of the Architects are holding onto the hope that Halsey will take on the mantle of prophet, and lead them to 'communion with the Architects'.

Attempts to contact the former president have been rebuffed by her staff.


15 JUL 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Discharged

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It has been two months since former Federal president Jasmina Halsey was admitted to the Clearwater Clinic psychiatric facility on Mars. Halsey's admission followed a period of bizarre behaviour, during which she claimed to have encountered super-intelligent beings in the depths of space.

Since then, a proportion of the Federal population has been calling for the former president's release, claiming that she was hospitalised not for the good of her health but in order to silence her. This suggestion was dismissed as "patently ridiculous" by Halsey's personal staff, but this did little to deter those campaigning for Halsey's freedom.

Now it seems the campaigners have got their wish. Today, Jasmina Halsey left the Clearwater Clinic of her own volition, having been deemed ready to return to society by her doctors.

President Halsey was met at the entrance of the clinic by a crowd of supporters, to whom she gave a brief statement:

"I would like to thank the staff of this fine institution for helping me during this troubled time. It's fair to say I haven't quite been myself recently, and I apologise wholeheartedly for any distress I might have caused."

08 JUL 3302 – Galactic News: Federal Citizens Call for Halsey's Release

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A growing proportion of the Federation's population is clamouring for the release of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, who is currently a patient at a secure psychiatric facility on Mars. Despite assertions from Halsey's personal staff that the former president entered the facility of her own volition, an increasingly large section of the galactic community apparently holds the view that she was hospitalised not for the good of her health, but in order to silence her.

One of those calling for Halsey's release said:

"It seems even former presidents aren't allowed to speak the truth. Jasmina Halsey is right – we should keep expanding, pushing out into space – but the Federal government isn't interested. And now they've had her imprisoned."

There has been increased discussion on newsfeeds over the past week concerning the former Federal president, and crowds of people have begun congregating outside the Clearwater Clinic, protesting her confinement.

27 MAY 3302 – Freelance Report: Sideris Remains Open Minded

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Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, made a brief comment outside UC headquarters this morning on Jasmina Halsey's ostensibly unsuccessful search for the "architects of creation":

"Whether or not President Halsey's 'architects' exist is open to question, but chances are that some form of non-human sentience exists in our galaxy. We've received data from as far as Beagle Point, but even that represents only an infinitesimal fraction of known stars in the galaxy. We can only keep looking."

President Halsey's psychological review continues.

Commander Stateira Eleshenar

Zandu Science Journal | Interstellar Press

21 MAY 3302 – Freelance Report: Growing Demand for Halsey's Exploration Data

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A demonstration was held today at Leoniceno Orbital in Azaleach calling for the immediate release of all information submitted in response to former Federal president Jasmina Halsey's appeal for exploration data.

"Something isn't right here," said one of the demonstrators. "Mountains of data were submitted, and within two days they were able to review it thoroughly enough to declare there was absolutely nothing of interest? This reeks of a cover up."

Speakers at the rally demanded that the Azaleach Partnership, to which the information was submitted, release the data so its findings could be independently verified.

"Science relies on openness, collaboration and peer review," argued one speaker. "It's an integral part of the process. Any conclusions based on secret data should be treated with suspicion."

Commander Corlas

20 MAY 3302 – Freelance Report: Attempt to Sabotage Jaques Station Thwarted

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Three individuals carrying pamphlets identifying them as members of 'The Hands of the Architects' have been apprehended at Jaques Station. Starport personnel discovered the individuals attempting to modify the station's frame shift drive.

A station spokesperson said: "The individuals are apparently members of a cult that arose shortly after Jasmina Halsey first claimed to have encountered super-intelligent, non-human life. Materials confiscated from the individuals indicate that they hoped to force a mis-jump during Jaques's forthcoming journey to Beagle Point. Apparently they thought this would give them an opportunity to meet Halsey's 'architects'."

The would-be saboteurs are currently being held in custody at Jaques Station while starport personnel discuss possible extradition with nearby systems.


14 MAY 3302 – Galactic News: Felicia Winters Comments on Halsey's Committal

original article

At a recent event at the Mars Business Society, Federal Shadow President Felicia Winters responded to a question concerning the hospitalisation of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey:

"It was clear from the outset that she'd experienced a traumatic event, and that it impacted her psychologically as well as physically. I hope she receives the treatment she needs."

When asked about Halsey's alleged mystical experiences, Winters replied:

"Frankly, I find the question distasteful. She has undergone a harrowing experience – an experience that would have affected even the strongest of us – and drawing attention to her so-called 'visions' is counterproductive to restoring her mental health."

14 MAY 3302 – Freelance Report: Protesters Petition for Halsey's Freedom

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One year ago today, Federal President Jasmina Halsey and Vice-President Ethan Naylor embarked on a tour of Federation frontier systems. Two weeks later, Starship One was declared missing with all hands. Despite initial assessments that the ship would never be found, the remains of the vessel were located and a handful of survivors recovered, including former president Halsey.

Although Halsey had many political opponents, she also had many supporters. Some of these supporters have assembled outside the psychiatric facility on Mars where Halsey is currently located, waving signs and chanting various slogans, seeking her release.

Rachel Young, one of the most vociferous of the former president's supporters, made this statement to on-site reporters:

"President Halsey worked hard for the Federation. She deserves to be with her family. She deserves the respect and protection any former president is entitled to, not to be locked up in the funny farm."

Federal law enforcement is monitoring the protest to ensure it remains peaceful.

Commander Corrigendum

13 MAY 3302 – Galactic News: Bentonio's Request Rebuffed

original article

Arlo Cortez, a member of Jasmina Halsey's personal staff, has responded to a recent statement from Ricardo Bentonio, the notorious conspiracy theorist. In an official press release, Cortez said:

"The suggestion that Jasmina has been somehow 'silenced' by oppressive governmental powers is patently ridiculous. The decision to admit Jasmina to the Clearwater Clinic was made by her friends and family. No one else was involved."

Cortez also said that Bentonio's request to meet with Halsey would not be granted:

"Our paramount concern is that Jasmina receive the care and attention she needs. She will not be meeting with members of the press, representatives of the Federation, or crackpot conspiracy theorists."

09 MAY 3302 – Freelance Report: Conspiracy Theorist Defends Halsey

original article

Notorious conspiracy theorist Ricardo Bentonio, speaking from the Groombridge 34 system, has issued a statement of support for former Federal president Jasmina Halsey:

"They're calling Halsey crazy, but she may just be a modern-day Joan of Arc – a conduit chosen by the Architects of Creation to speak to mankind. The powers-that-be want to silence her by locking her away. I demand that I and a small group of scientists be granted an audience with President Halsey so we can find out the truth."

Bentonio recently made headlines after issuing a plea for cartographic data to prove that the 29th of February was an 'aberrant day' heralding the imminent collapse of the universe. What Mr Bentonio did with that data, and whether it helped to prove or disprove his theories, has not been released to the public.

Commander Finn McMillan

07 MAY 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey to Undergo Psychiatric Review

original article

A member of Jasmina Halsey's personal staff has announced that the former president's appeal for exploration data failed to uncover any evidence of the entities she claims to have seen. The campaign yielded a huge quantity of exploration data, but despite being subjected to extensive examination, the information did not yield any proof of Halsey's assertions.

The spokesperson went on to say that the former Federal president had been admitted to a secure psychiatric facility on Mars for "extended care and review". This announcement follows weeks of speculation concerning Halsey's mental health, which was called into question by commentators both within and outside the Federation.

Halsey's spokesperson declined to answer journalists' questions.

05 MAY 3302 – Galactic News: Exploration Data Appeal Reaches Conclusion

original article

The office of Jasmina Halsey has announced that the former president's appeal for exploration data has reached a successful conclusion. Although Halsey's claims of transcendent experiences have been dismissed by much of the political elite, the wider galactic community was more receptive, with hundreds of independent pilots taking to their ships to gather exploration data for Halsey's appeal.

In the wake of the appeal's success, a member of Halsey's personal staff released a statement to the media:

"On behalf of President Halsey, I would like to thank all those who supported this appeal. The data you submitted will now be analysed to determine if it can tell us more about the beings seen by President Halsey. With luck, this investigation will set us on a path to making contact with these extraordinary beings."

28 APR 3302 – Community Goal: Jasmina Halsey Appeals for Exploration Data

original article

Since being discharged from the medical centre at Leoniceno Orbital, former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has repeatedly spoken about the allegedly transcendent experiences she had while drifting through space.

The former leader purports to have seen "the true architects of creation" and to have been shown what she describes as "the infinities of the cosmos" – assertions that, along with her slowed speech, have seen her condemned as mentally unstable by some commentators.

Now the former president has launched an appeal for exploration data that she hopes will validate her claims. According to a member of her personal staff, the former leader believes the data will prove there are super-intelligent beings living in the depths of space.

The former Federal president released a brief statement to the media:

"They are out there. I have seen them. We must put aside our petty differences and work together to establish contact. There is so much we could learn from them."

The Azaleach Partnership has agreed to coordinate the campaign on Halsey's behalf, and to reward pilots who deliver exploration data to Leoniceno Orbital. The appeal begins on the 28th of April 3302 and will run for one week.

23 APR 3302 – Freelance Report: Following the Breadcrumbs

original article

Imperial investigator Cornelius Gendymion has released a statement to the Prism Herald addressing accusations that Imperial agents were responsible for the destruction of Starship One.

"It seems Federal Times reporter Elaine Boyd's investigations are being ignored by her countrymen. You may recall that she highlighted the suspicious deaths of key individuals involved in both the Antares and Starship One investigations before her alleged suicide. Her data detailed an off-the-books investigation into the Antares by Vice-President Nigel Smeaton, and also alleged that he was murdered."

"Congressman George Fallside's apparent foreknowledge of Smeaton's death was waved away, but I suspect Jacob Harris might have better luck finding Starship One's saboteurs if he searched within the Federation – perhaps starting with folks who have ties to Core Dynamics."

Commander Corrigendum | Loren's Legion

15 APR 3302 – Galactic News: Did the Empire Destroy Starship One?

original article

Tensions between the Federation and the Empire look likely to increase following an announcement from Federal politician Jacob Harris. In a statement released to The Federal Times, Harris claimed that the destruction of Starship One was not the result of mechanical failure, as was widely reported, but was in fact the result of deliberate sabotage by Imperial agents.

"I cannot identify my sources for fear of compromising their safety," said Harris, "but I can assure you that their information is correct. Starship One was destroyed by the Empire in an attempt to destabilise the Federal power base. It was made to look like an accident – the official Federal investigation even concluded it was an accident – but it most certainly was not."

Imperial officials were quick to condemn Harris's claims, citing both his lack of evidence and his reluctance to reveal his sources. Among those voicing scepticism was Senator Zemina Torval.

"This is nothing more than uncorroborated gossip," said the senator, "and it is highly irresponsible of Jacob Harris to disseminate such rumours. The Empire would never perpetrate such an act, and given Harris's well-known predilection for scaremongering, I think only a fool would believe him."

The Federation appeared less eager to dismiss Harris's claims, although a statement from Shadow President Felicia Winters indicated that she was not necessarily ready to accept the story, either.

"These rumours are certainly troubling, but it would be highly imprudent for us to believe them without evidence. Harris has made an extraordinary claim, so the burden of proving that claim rests with him."

04 APR 3302 – Galactic News: Halsey Talks to the Media

original article

Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey spoke to select reporters at Leoniceno Orbital today, answering the questions many have wanted to ask since she was recovered from the wreckage of Starship One. When asked about Starship One's destruction, Halsey replied:

"I remember very little, really. A thunderous noise, then silence. Being thrown across the bridge in my chair, and then being unable to breathe. I remember one of my bodyguards getting me to the pod as things floated about silently, like a dream. The last thing I remember is a terrible pain in my ears and a very loud noise as the pod filled with what looked like steam."

The former president's voice was distant, and she seemed to drift off between sentences. She certainly did not sound like the forceful leader from last year.

A reporter from the Alliance Tribune asked President Halsey what it was like to drift through space for so long:

"It was wonderful. Amazing. I saw the universe, and our galaxy within it, as I'd never seen it before, and I felt the presence of the real caretakers of our galaxy. The paradox of their existence – tiny yet gargantuan, fleeting yet eternal. They spoke to me as I drifted in the void. It was amazing. I must share their message."

This unorthodox statement prompted a flurry of further questions, but Halsey's escorts promptly led her from the room.

29 MAR 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Not yet at Full Health

original article

For the past three days, Jasmina Halsey has been recuperating at Leoniceno Orbital, where she was taken after she was rescued from the wreckage of Starship One. Since then, all interview requests have been firmly rebuffed by the starport's medical personnel, who insist the former president is not yet well enough to talk to the media. But while the galaxy waits for an official interview, the Federal Times has managed to wrest a few words from her sister, Azalea Halsey, who recently visited her sibling:

"Jasmina appears to be in good health, but she did seem rather distant. She said some things I didn't understand – something about stars and...creation, I think – but given what she's been through I thought she was remarkably lucid, most of the time. I'm sure she'll be back to her old self soon."

It is hoped that the former Federal president will talk to the media in the next few days.

26 MAR 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey Brought Out of Coma

original article

Federal President Zachary Hudson has released a statement confirming that former president Jasmina Halsey has been brought out of her induced coma.

"The injuries Jasmina Halsey suffered in the destruction of Starship One were severe, but her escape pod preserved her vital functions. Having repaired her injuries, medical personnel at Leoniceno Orbital revived President Halsey from her coma this morning. I have been told that she is now sleeping peacefully, and is expected to wake in the next few days."

Reporters were told that Halsey would need at least a week before she is likely to be able to talk to those outside her immediate family.

23 MAR 3302 – Galactic News: Jasmina Halsey to be Revived

original article

Medical personnel at Leoniceno Orbital have announced they will soon bring former Federal president Jasmina Halsey out of her induced coma. When the former president arrived at the starport she was still in her damaged escape pod. Since then, medical personnel at the starport have worked tirelessly to heal the injuries she sustained in the destruction of Starship One. Having completed this process, Halsey's doctors now believe it is safe to start waking their patient.

"The process of waking President Halsey from her coma must be done gradually," said Dr Lucy Ingles, who has been overseeing Halsey's treatment. "She is still in a delicate condition."

If the process is successful, the former president should be fully conscious within a few days.

16 MAR 3302 – Galactic News: Could Jasmina Halsey be Reinstated?

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Following the extraordinary rescue of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey, whose escape pod was recovered from the wreckage of Starship One, questions have been asked about her possible return to power. According to an anonymous source within the Federal government, several senior-level politicians have voiced the opinion that, should she make a full recovery, Halsey ought to be allowed to serve out the remainder of her term.

Simon Newell, a legal advisor to the Federal government, spoke to the Federal Times earlier today.

"There's no direct precedent for this situation, so it's hard to be certain. I know some members of government believe Halsey should be reinstated, but my feeling is that such an outcome is unlikely. When Halsey disappeared she was already facing a vote of no confidence, and her presidency was officially terminated so a new president could be elected. My suspicion is that if there were a legal challenge, the law would uphold the vote of no confidence recorded at the time."

15 MAR 3302 – Freelance Report: Game of Shadows

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Various media outlets throughout inhabited space received an anonymous communiqué this morning. "The galactic community is in peril," the message began. "They just don't know it yet."

The transmission asserts a connection between Core Dynamics, the destruction of the Antares and Starship One, the Emperor's Dawn insurgency, and setbacks in Unknown Artefact research. It also claims that the deaths of Federal Vice-President Nigel Smeaton, Sean Richards, Arnold Lowe, Susan Monroe, Elaine Boyd, Emperor Hengist Duval and the disappearances of former Federal president Jasmina Halsey and Professor Ishmael Palin are similarly connected.

The message concluded: "Many of those who have tried to connect these seemingly disparate events have been silenced, along with their sources. That is why I have chosen to remain anonymous. So far, only pawns have been revealed in this shadowy game. We must discover the king."

Neither the Federation nor the Empire has chosen to comment on the transmission.

Commander Corrigendum

28 FEB 3302 – Galactic News: Presidential Vessel Retired

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For the past six years, the Federation has used a pair of customised Saud Kruger Narwhal Liners (upgraded variants of the successful Beluga Liner) as the personal vessels of the Federal president. Last year, one of these vessels was lost in a tragic accident. Today, the remaining vessel will be retired.

Bexley Jones, a spokeswoman for President Zachary Hudson, said: "It is of the utmost importance that the ship bearing the callsign 'Starship One' can function as a mobile base of operations for the president, providing him with everything he needs while off-planet, in addition to offering total safety. Given the Beluga's primary designation as a passenger vessel, we have decided that it is unable meet these demands."

Jones confirmed that the remaining Narwhal will be replaced with a pair of modified Farragut Battle Cruisers, a mainstay of the Federal Navy. The formidable vessels are equipped with an extensive array of heavy weaponry, and are capable of transporting multiple Federal Corvettes and a large F63 Condor squadron. "In these dangerous times, it is essential that the presidential vessel be able to offer comprehensive military support, and the Farragut Battle Cruiser can do just that," said Jones.

26 FEB 3302 – Galactic News: Former Federal President Found

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The recent Federal operation to search for survivors from Starship One was eagerly supported by the galactic community, resulting in the safe recovery of thousands of escape pods, many of them containing living survivors. As the task of identifying the pod's occupants continues, Federal President Zachary Hudson has made a surprising announcement: one of the escape pods taken to Leoniceno Orbital contains former Federal president Jasmina Halsey.

"When we started searching for the remains of Starship One it was with the aim of discovering what happened to the ship. I never imagined we would find survivors, and certainly not that one of them would be Jasmina Halsey."

Asked about Halsey's condition, Hudson said:

"The medical team at Leoniceno has described Halsey's condition as critical but stable. It appears her escape pod was damaged and she sustained some injuries, so she's being kept in an induced coma until her wounds have healed. This is likely to take weeks. If her condition changes I will be immediately notified."

23 FEB 3302 – Galactic News: Remarkable Response to Federal Campaign

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Federal President Zachary Hudson has announced that the search for survivors from Starship One has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Mere hours after the campaign began, thousands of escape pods had been delivered to Leoniceno Orbital, many of them containing living survivors. In the wake of the initiative's success, President Hudson released a statement to the media:

"I have been overwhelmed by the response to this campaign, which has resulted in the rescue of thousands of individuals, and I am delighted to confirm that some of the recovered pods are indeed from Starship One. We are not yet in a position to release the identities of those we have rescued, but we hope to be able to do so soon. In the meantime I would once again like to extend my gratitude to those who contributed to the search."

The recovery of so many escape pods will almost certainly prompt speculation that former Federal president Jasmina Halsey may be among the survivors.

18 FEB 3302 – Community Goal: The Search for Survivors

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Federal President Zachary Hudson has confirmed that the remains of Starship One were among the wreckage recently delivered to Leoniceno Orbital. The search for the missing presidential vessel began two weeks ago, resulting in the accumulation of thousands of tonnes of wreckage, which was then subjected to rigorous analysis by Federal scientists. The analysis confirmed that the remains of Starship One had been located, prompting President Hudson to release a statement to the media:

"The loss of Starship One remains a tragedy, but I must admit to feeling a sense of relief at finally knowing what happened to the presidential ship."

President Hudson followed his statement with a surprising announcement:

"Our researchers have surmised that the destruction of Starship One was not instantaneous, and that the front of the ship may have suffered less damage than the rest of the vessel. This means there is a very small chance – and I must stress that this is remote – that some of the crew might have been able to reach escape pods. That's why I'm calling on the galactic community to support a second search – a search for survivors."

"Pilots who want to contribute to the search should concentrate their efforts in the Lyncis Sector, and in particular on the ON-T B3-1, ON-T B3-2, ON-T B3-3, ON-T B3-4 and ST-R B4-3 1 systems, where we believe further wreckage from the ship may be found."

The search is expected to begin immediately.

15 FEB 3302 – Galactic News: Starship One Destruction Linked to Mechanical Failure

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A Federal investigation team has released the results of an official inquiry into the destruction of Starship One. The 600,000-word report confirms that the abnormal energy signature detected just before the ship made its last jump was almost certainly caused by mechanical failure. The report goes on to assert that the failure began with a power surge in the ship's central power plant – a relatively common occurrence in a high-capacity hydrogen reactor – which overloaded several other core systems.

Despite examining every piece of available evidence, investigators could not find any proof that the ship was sabotaged. They ultimately concluded that the ship's destruction was the result of a complex, multi-stage engine failure.

04 FEB 3302 – Galactic News: Federation Begins Analysing Wreckage

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Over the past week, hundreds of pilots have been searching for signs of Starship One, the Federal presidential vessel that disappeared in May 3301. Two factions had a stake in the search – the Azaleach Partnership, which was acting on behalf of Federal President Zachary Hudson, and the Daurtu Jet Comms PLC, an organisation about which very little is known.

Today, the Federation announced it had received a sizeable quantity of debris. In a statement, President Hudson expressed his satisfaction at the outcome:

"I would like to thank the galactic community for its enthusiastic participation in the search for Starship One. Thousands of tonnes of debris have been delivered to the Federal research outpost at Leoniceno Orbital, which we will now subject to comprehensive spectral analysis. As for Daurtu Jet Comms PLC, I do not know what interest it has in Starship One, but I would remind them that the Federation takes a dim view of those who meddle in its affairs."

Although Daurtu Jet Comms PLC offered larger rewards for wreckage than the Federation, it is understood to have received only a modest amount of space-borne debris. Given the failure of the organisation's appeal, we may never know why Daurtu Jet Comms PLC was looking for the lost presidential ship.

28 JAN 3302 – Community Goal: The Search for Starship One

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In May 3301, the personal vessel of the Federal president, Starship One, disappeared en route to the Azaleach system. An investigation was promptly launched, but the fate of the vessel and her crew, which included then-president Jasmina Halsey, could not be conclusively determined. In a statement released earlier today, Federal President Zachary Hudson announced his intention to resume the search for the ship, inspired by the discovery of the remains of the liner Antares:

"Like many others, I was heartened by the Sirius Corporation's success, and I found myself thinking that if the remains of a ship lost fifty years ago could be found, surely a ship lost less than a year ago could also be recovered. I am therefore offering generous reimbursements to pilots who deliver wreckage components to the Federal research outpost at Leoniceno Orbital in the Azaleach system. Once we have gathered enough material, we will analyse the debris to determine if any of it is from Starship One. If we are able to find the remains of the ship, we may be able to determine what happened to President Halsey and the rest of the ship's crew."

But it appears that President Hudson is not the only person eager to find Starship One. In a strange turn of events, an organisation by the name of Daurtu Jet Comms PLC has also announced its intention to search for the missing presidential vessel. Virtually nothing is known about Daurtu Jet Comms PLC, but the fact that it is offering even larger rewards than the Federation may convince pilots to lend the organisation their support.

19 NOV 3301 – Faction Issues Appeal for Onionhead

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A faction known as the Drug Empire of Xelabara has issued a request for the controversial narcotic onionhead. The drug was once a significant trade commodity, but it suffered a setback last year when former Federal President Jasmina Halsey declared it illegal in Federal space. Rooney 'Rush' Romero, a spokesperson for the Drug Empire of Xelabara, explained that the appeal is partly intended to revitalise the market:

"The fact is that people want onionhead. The Federation might not like it, but that's their problem – our organisation is well within its rights to establish a trading operation in Xelabara. Trouble is, although we've got the money, we don't have the merchandise. That's why we're offering generous incentives to pilots who deliver onionhead to our base of operations in Xelabara."

The Drug Empire of Xelabara is not believed to be connected to the Farmer's Cooperative of the Kappa Fornacis system, onionhead's main producer. The Federation has not released an official statement concerning the request.

01 SEP 3301 – Core Dynamics has Links to VP’s Death?

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Core Dynamics has Links to VP’s Death?

In another shocking revelation the Federal Times today posted a story highlighting possible links between a non-exec member of the board of Core Dynamics and Vice President Nigel Smeaton’s death. They first referenced an interview on January 28th with Congressman George Fallside who appeared to have early knowledge of the Vice President’s death. The Congressman refused to comment on the article, but it is public knowledge of his non-executive directorship of Core Dynamics and several other major arms manufacturers.

More damning was the evidence concerning one of the crew of the Starship One, Flight Engineer Nick Baron, who had previously worked at Core Dynamics before joining the President’s Crew. From the information package sent by Elaine Boyd after her death, the Federal Times published extracts of financial records of the flight engineer.

When tracing these records through a convoluted series of transfers, one of these transfers was through a shell corporation , in which Congressman Fallside was involved. The trail of the payments revealed that Boyd must have obtained a high level clearance access, possibly provided by Agent Monroe.

When asked about today’s story, the Chief Editor for the Federal Times commented:

“There does appear to have been a conspiracy on several levels. We believe that the destruction of the Highliner Antares so many years ago may not have been an accident. When the Vice President was investigating the death of his relative, he must have discovered some of these details, and possible the dark forces killed him, and when our reporter Elaine Boyd did the same, she too was silenced. We are still not clear how it relates to the present day. Our reporters continue to investigate.

“At the Federal Times we always seek the truth and we will discover the truth here.”

14 AUG 3301 – Aliens Kidnapped the President

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Aliens Kidnapped the President

The spectre of President Halsey’s disappearance in Starship One refuses to die down. Despite the findings of the official report some claim that the matter is far from closed. One such person is self-proclaimed conspiracy expert Ricardo Bentonio on his investigative show ‘The Hidden World’:

“They took her for their own purposes. Not the lizard people from Andromeda, that’s the Imperial Dynasty. She’s been taken somewhere different.”

Federal Navy officials refused to comment on this allegation. One Congressman was overheard joking “Does anyone listen to that loon’s shows? Except his precious lizard people from Andromeda, of course!”

11 AUG 3301 – Two Dead in Tragic Accident

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Two Dead in Tragic Accident

Two people died in a crash when a personal transport collided with a Lakon Type-9 Heavy transport vessel. The small ship, a type used to run between orbital facilities, was destroyed in the impact. The small vessel was ferrying two transport safety officials to the Laphria Shipyard in the Artemis system. They were on a knowledge sharing mission.

The Transport Safety Authority issued the following statement from their headquarters on Mars:

“This type of accident is always a terrible tragedy for those involved and the Laphrian authorities have promised full disclosure and co-operation with our investigation.”

They also reported that the pilot of the Type-9 was being treated for shock. She saw the transport break open only metres from her large window as she approached the station.

Elaine Boyd from the Federal Times asked for the identities of the dead and was told that they wouldn’t be disclosed until the next of kin had been identified. She pressed further asking if one of the dead men was Arnold Lowe, a senior investigator in the Starship One disappearance. She was told ‘no comment’ and no further questions were taken.

04 AUG 3301 – Five Killed in Shuttle Accident

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Five Killed in Shuttle Accident

A Sirius Corporation shuttle was destroyed this morning when its docking computer failed on approach to Patterson Enterprise in the Sirius system. While such failures aren’t unheard of, they are rare, especially among smaller craft.

Elaine Boyd from the Federal Times asked a Sirius Corporation representative how the company was able to determine the cause of the accident so quickly. She was told:

“The telemetry from the shuttle provided clear evidence of a stall in the computer’s operation as the vessel approached the docking port. The boost protocol should have been disabled but was instead activated, causing the shuttle to crash into the station.”

The representative stated that the crash would be investigated further, and in particular why the software failed in this instance.

Everyone onboard the shuttle was killed including Sean Richards, a senior consultant engineer who helped to compile the incident report on the recent disappearance of Starship One. Richards had also formed part of the task force some 50 years earlier with the Antares enquiry.

02 AUG 3301 – Remembering the Antares Incident

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Remembering the Antares Incident

Continuing GalNet’s exclusive series highlighting key events in human history, historian Sima Kalhana remembers the Antares Incident.

In last week’s article about the Sirius Corporation, I described the Antares iIncident as one of the corporation’s greatest failures. Until the recent disappearance of Starship One, this was considered the most infamous spacegoing accident of all time.

The Highliner Antares was to be the first of a new type of fast, comfortable liner, making a trip in hours rather than the weeks that were common at the time, and offering a previously unseen level of luxury – something we are accustomed to in the top-class liners of today. It was the first ship to use a production version of a new type of hyperdrive, a predecessor to the modern fast hyperdrives.

The Antares vanished during its maiden voyage in the Sirius system in 3251, with many celebrity guests on board. The event is poignantly remembered in this quote from the Federal Times:

“Your reporter watched the departure of Antares on her maiden voyage, the monolayer streamers glinting in the harsh light of Sirius as she moved gently away from the orbital habitat and out to launch range. Spacemen talk of a graveyard of lost ships, a place where all who lose their lives in the colossal drive to colonise the galaxy rest in gentle luxury.

“We can be sure that the great Highliner Antares is now in their company.”

The exact cause of the accident was never properly determined. The final report indicated that it was most likely caused by the unlucky failure of a single component during the start of the jump, causing a small fire in a key part of the drive that resulted in a massive explosion and consequent misjump at the same time. There were, of course, a great many fanciful explanations, too.

Since the accident, no confirmed wreckage of the ship has ever been found, although several claims of discovery have been made over the years. Combined with the lack of a definitive cause, this has led to considerable speculation and many conspiracy theories concerning what actually occurred.

The final safety report into the incident found there were insufficient safety precautions within the internal drive systems. This delayed the commercial introduction of these drives for several years, damaging the Sirius Corporation, and ultimately resulting in the fitting of many additional safety features to these new hyperdrives. It was later speculated that the deaths of those on the Highliner Antares effectively saved the lives of many more in the subsequent decades, as the number of ships that went missing was measurably reduced, and the new drives proved to be much more reliable than the earlier, slower drives they replaced.

30 JUL 3301 – Meet the Powers – Zachary Hudson

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Meet the Powers – Zachary Hudson

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this fifth article he analyses Federal President Zachary Hudson.

Republican President Zachary Hudson became President after the disappearance of President Halsey and a vote of no confidence in the Senate. He has always been supportive of the military, and has recently announced his support for CQC Championship as a training and recruitment tool for the Federal Navy. He is also approving additional funds to begin upgrading and expanding the fleet to counter the threats he sees beyond the Federation’s borders.

In common with most of his party, Hudson believes it is the government’s duty to be as small a burden on the individual as possible. An extensive programme of tax reduction is already planned for most households within the Federation. This has proved popular, but not for those who relied on government support before his election.

He is also an advocate of personal freedom at any cost, although that is balanced by the requirement for citizens to be responsible for themselves.

For fun, the President regularly goes hunting on the many frontier worlds offering holiday activity.

29 JUL 3301 – Meet the Powers – Felicia Winters

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Meet the Powers – Felicia Winters

Continuing this GalNet exclusive series, political commentator Marcus Macmillan writes his opinion of some of the movers and shakers in 3301. In this fourth article he considers Shadow President Felicia Winters and her sudden rise to power.

With the disappearance of President Halsey and the earlier the murder of President Nigel Smeaton, Felicia Winters found herself thrust in charge of the Liberal Party. She inherited a political party in crisis and has had to work quickly to try and restore people’s faith in her party.

As someone born and raised on Taylor Colony, Felicia Winters learned early on that when presented with difficult choices, humanity can’t always be trusted to do the right thing. She sees it as her duty to push for the right choice, even if it's the hard choice.

Felicia Winters has already proved to be a versatile opponent, and in many opinion polls is running level with President Hudson. Many voters are growing concerned by the President’s aggressive rhetoric and are turning to the Liberal Party to counter what they see as a road to war.

14 JUN 3301 – For Some, President Halsey's Disappearance Is Not "Case Closed"

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For Some, President Halsey's Disappearance Is Not "Case Closed"

While the Federation considers President Halsey’s disappearance an open and shut case, some groups still doubt the official story. The Knights of the Black, whose members have sworn to defend all human systems against alien aggression, is one such group.

According to the group’s founder, “We aren’t entirely convinced Halsey’s disappearance is the work of an alien species, but we also aren’t convinced that it was an accident. Remember that Felicia Winters insisted, even from the beginning, that Starship One was lost due to mechanical failure. Zachary Hudson seemed awfully convinced of sabotage until he became the President. To me, it seems the Federation is covering up something.”

He went on to say, “Such a well-orchestrated strike against any of Humanity’s leaders would be a clear sign of an alien threat, which we take very seriously.”

Though the Knights aren’t actively searching for Starship One, they claim, “We’re keeping our eyes peeled.”

09 JUN 3301 – The Federation Unites in the Face of Tragedy

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The Federation Unites in the Face of Tragedy

Despite some fear that the recent change in leadership would lead to further destabilisation of the Federation, it seems that on the whole, the majority of Federal worlds are content to wait and see what kind of President Zachary Hudson turns out to be.

Political pundits and sociologists alike had expressed concerns that since the disappearance of former President Jasmina Halsey, the Federation would almost certainly go through a period of internal strife while the landscape of Federal power adjusted to the new reality.

To everyone’s surprise, the situation on the ground has actually stabilised since President Hudson assumed office. It would seem that in the face of tragic loss, personal politics have been put aside, and the overwhelming majority of Federal organisations have chosen to stand united for the good of the Federation.

How long this new coalition will last remains to be seen, but for now at least, Federal residents can rest easy knowing that for this brief moment in time, the Federation stands united for the good of all mankind.

02 JUN 3301 – The Loss of Starship One Linked to Mechanical Failure

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The Federal Navy has today released its official report into the disappearance of Starship One. As expected, the 600,000 word document provides a detailed analysis of the inner workings of Starship One.

The report confirms that the abnormal energy signature detected by Guardian Wing Alpha, immediately prior to Starship One’s last known jump, was almost certainly caused by mechanical failure. The report includes an in depth comparison with the failure of the Highliner Antares and concludes there were remarkable similarities in the unusual failure mode, and it is still unclear why the automatic shutdown systems did not operate (most of which were not present on the Antares). The failure began with a power surge in the central power plant – something not especially unusual in a high capacity hydrogen reactor – causing several other core systems to overload.

Despite going over hours of evidence, including video feeds detailing the last several days of life aboard all four ships of Starflight One, investigators were not able to identify any signs of foul play. In the end, the team has concluded that the cause of Starship One’s loss was a complex multi-stage engine failure.

02 JUN 3301 – Zachary Hudson Becomes the New President of the Federation

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The results are in and Zachary Hudson is the overwhelming choice for the new President of the Federation.

A record number of attendees appeared in Congress on Mars to take part in yesterday's Vote of No Confidence against the Liberal Administration, with almost every member of Congress appearing in person to cast their vote.

In the end, a shocking 66% of Congress voted to remove the Liberal Administration from office, a clear indicator that the collected Federal worlds feel a change in leadership style is necessary. Surprisingly, a large number of known Liberal supporters voted to remove their own leadership from power. Most commentators agree that this is a reflection on Halsey’s actions and the current unpopularity of Federal government among frontier systems. Winters needs to build her own supporter base before she can bring power back to the Liberals.

President Hudson will be officially sworn into office later today, after which he is expected to spend the remainder of the week finalising his administration. Most of the previous Shadow Cabinet are expected to be included, although as always some change is inevitable.

The Federal Republican Association has gained a massive swell of support over the last year. Now that President Hudson is officially in office, we can expect a much more aggressive stance on decision-making coming from Mars once the new administration is fully established.

01 JUN 3301 – Federal Congress Prepares for Vote

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Members of Congress from across the Federation have made their way to Mars today, in response to Shadow President Hudson's call for a Vote of No Confidence Against the current administration.

For months now, the Shadow President has been involved in an intense lobbying campaign against President Halsey and her administration. The Shadow President has pointed to the loss of dozens of member states to the Alliance, a rampant increase in crime rates, and a defanged Federal Navy as some of the more devastating effects of Jasmina's time in office.

However, now that President Halsey no longer appears to be a concern, Congress could decide to allow Acting President Winters to assume the office of President in Jasmina's stead. Felicia Winters has always been very popular amongst Congress, even before her ascension to the office of Secretary of State. Now that she's assumed the role of Acting President, it's could be possible that her peers will elect to see what kind of leader Felicia will be.

Members of Congress will be permitted to cast their vote at any time in the next 12 hours. Last-minute lobbying efforts from both sides are expected to be extremely intense, although pundits believe that Shadow President Zachary Hudson will almost certainly carry the day.

31 MAY 3301 – 78 Ursae Majoris Celebrates Security with Shield Sale

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After a series of skirmishes between independent pilots and pirates, as well as the drawn out battle against the Sobek Boys, 78 Ursae Majoris was facing a security threat in the run-up to Federal President Jasmina Halsey’s planned visit. News of the catastrophic accident that is believed to have consumed Starship One, and taken the President’s life, has been spreading through the galaxy, but 78 Ursae Majoris has now been secured.

The system saw a huge influx of independent pilots as Andrew Bailey, Mayor of Townshend Hub and local leader of the Alioth Independents, declared the security and military campaign. Independent pilots were tasked with eradicating criminal elements in and around Alliance territory, along with being enlisted in a military campaign against the Sobek Boys, a criminal syndicate operating from the Sobek system. There was a lull in fighting the Sobek Boys however, as the objective took a few days to actually reach a completion mark. Some might think there might be more behind as to why this objective wasn't touched in the starting days. Ivan Shevchenko, a known mercenary and fighter pilot, has given us his opinion on the matter:

"There is a large difference between fighting traditional asteroid belt pirates, and a well organized militia force. And that isn't something I say lightly, having been in the conflict areas. The Sobek Boys' ships were well armed and heavily reinforced. A whole gang of pirates running around with that kind of gear is bad for any system or region of space. But that could also be the reason as to why nobody was really wanting to fight them. Nobody wants to be tangled up against that kind of firepower, even I don't and I own one of the best bounty hunting vessels you can get. On the other hand, independent pilots could've also been distracted by the other directive Mayor Bailey put out to stopping pirate activity. At the same time though I have to say, who knows. I suppose in the end though, all of us who helped put a stop to the Sobek Boys and pirate activities in and around 78 Ursae Majoris did a very good thing for the Alliance and its members."

- CMDR Shevchenko

30 MAY 3301 – A Vote of Congressional Confidence

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There is blood in the water and the politicians have begun hunting their prey.

Yesterday, Shadow President Hudson placed a motion before Congress asking that they issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Halsey’s administration. The motion was accepted, and the vote has been scheduled to take place on Monday afternoon.

According to historic procedure, if a Vote of No Confidence in the encumbent President succeeds, then the Shadow President gets the chance to form an administration, which in turn is then put to a vote. If this fails, then a full congressional election is triggered.

The Shadow President succeeding in these circumstances is not unheard of, but pretty rare. The last occasion was when the increasingly unpopular Eugene Cooper was ousted by the charismatic Antonia Madison in 3264 following a mid-term Vote of No Confidence.

30 MAY 3301 – Malfunction or Malice?

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It has now been 5 days since Starship One lost contact, and the search and rescue teams have yet to find any trace of the missing ship or her crew.

According to Lieutenant Barringer of the Federal Transport Safety Administration:

“Starship One’s disappearance appears to have been caused by a major malfunction in the Frame Shift Drive’s safety systems. It looks like there was a major power surge, followed by four separate system failures in quick succession according to the data we have, resulting in a catastrophic explosion. We do not believe this explosion would have been survivable by anyone on board.”

“The FTSA has seen each of these failures in commercial and military hyperdrives in the last few years, but each one has resulted in the drive shutting down and the ship failing to enter hyperspace.

“There are strong similarities with the loss of the Highliner Antares in 3251, but since then we have many more safety systems designed to prevent such failures. At the moment it looks like this was a terribly unlucky tragic accident. We have not found any evidence of tampering, and all the systems passed their automated pre-flight checks.”

“Our condolences go out to the loved ones of those lost.”

29 MAY 3301 – Winters Willingly Agrees to Vote

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Following Shadow President Zachary Hudson’s call to have Congress issue a Vote of No Confidence against President Jasmina Halsey, Acting President Felicia Winters held a press conference outside Congress to address the Shadow President’s concerns about the future.

“Let me start by saying how truly saddened I am by the loss of my long time friend, Jasmina. I know that were she here instead of me, she would be deeply disappointed with the fear-mongering being bandied about by members of the opposition. Nevertheless we have to bow to process.”

“In order to allow a right and proper number of representatives from the frontier worlds to attend, Congress will meet on Monday to formally vote on the future of the Federation. Should I be chosen to continue to serve, I promise that you will get the kind of president that you deserve.”

29 MAY 3301 – Hudson Calls for Vote of No Confidence

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Shadow President Zachary Hudson has continued his criticism of Halsey’s administration, finally moving to the feared vote of no confidence. In his address to Congress, Shadow President Hudson has made it clear the situation needs a resolution.

“These are uncertain times and, with no disrespect to Jasmina’s memory, we need to put an end to this weak administration and bring our beloved Federation back on track. We cannot allow ourselves the luxury of wallowing in this state of horrendous disarray for even a moment longer.”

“Had Jasmina returned, it would have made no difference. She was away trying to raise support from the frontier as she knew this vote of no confidence was coming. I call for it now. Let’s get it out of the way and move on, here on Mars and throughout the Federation.”

“We are not some Imperial dynasty. We do not allow the whims of our dead to dictate terms to the living.”

“As such, in her absence, and without any ill intent towards Secretary Winters, I am issuing a call for a vote of no confidence against the current administration.”

28 MAY 3301 – The Truth is Out There

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Despite claims that the disappearance of Starship One was due to a failure in the ship’s Frame Shift Drive, rumours abound about a more sinister, possibly extraterrestrial explanation.

Alex Snoori, host of the popular interstellar talk show Beyond Top Secret, had this to say to his listeners.

“It’s an outrage, that’s what it is. Do you think those Martian fat cats that rule over us want you to know the truth? I don’t think so.”

“Learn your history, people. It wasn’t all that long ago that our ancestors were being plucked out of the black right into the belly of bugs. Wake up sheeple, you don’t want to be sitting around dressed up like mutton when they come for you. Do not let the government tell you lies. You’re smarter than that.”

“There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about strange things being found out there recently. Weird, pulsing, alien things. I don’t know where they came from, but I do know that they’re creepy, and gross, and almost certainly dangerous. You think it’s a coincidence that the President went missing just weeks after those THINGS turn up? Don’t be so naive. WAKE UP sheeple, you’re being lied to.”

28 MAY 3301 – Emergency Session of Congress

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Shadow President Hudson today called an Emergency Session of Congress to address concerns surrounding Starship One’s disappearance.

During the meeting, the Shadow President openly mocked the idea that Starship One’s disappearance could have been caused by simple engine failure.

“Jasmina and I weren’t close – heck, we hated each other, and that’s the truth of it. But the idea, the very notion, that our best and brightest out there on Starship One would have let that bird fly with a busted engine... No way. Those guys are military. We need to be looking for who did it. We need to nail them NOW. The assassin is busy covering their tracks while we speak. This dithering inaction and woolly thinking is typical of this administration. Let’s face it Halsey had enough enemies like those onionhead guys, numerous frontier systems she has annoyed, and the elephant in the room – the Empire.”

Acting President Winters took a more levelled approach.

“I appreciate the sheer gamut of emotions my esteemed colleague must be feeling, but at times like these, level heads must prevail. We have found no evidence of foul play as yet. Our engineers are sifting through copious amounts of data and so far it does look like a very unusual catastrophic failure rather than sabotage.”

27 MAY 3301 – Federal Search Efforts Continue

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It has been almost 48 hours since the disappearance of Starship One. Early reports indicated that the ship was lost with all hands, and in this instance GalNet is pleased to announce that the early reports were mistaken. Three ships from Starship One’s Guardian Wing made contact with Navy HQ shortly after the initial disappearance. Unfortunately, they were not able to shed any light on the ultimate fate of Starship One.

Despite thousands of Federal scouts combing the sectors along Starship One's secured route, designated Spaceflight One, no trace of the missing ship has been found.

Specialist teams from Core Dynamics and the Sirius Corporation are currently attempting to analyse the wake and uplink data captured by the President’s Guardian Wing escorts in the moments before all four ships jumped. Theories involve either a rare misjump or some sort of catastrophic drive failure. Unfortunately, results so far are inconclusive as to what may have happened to President Halsey and her team.

One member of the crew of one of the President’s Guardian Wing, who wished to remain nameless, spoke exclusively to GalNet about the last moments before the President’s disappearance.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. One minute everything was fine. Pre-jump checks? Normal. Engine power? Normal. Our drives were slaved to Starship One, as is normal. The entry to hyperspace seemed normal at first, but then there was a terrible shock wave and our ship started tumbling. We exited hyperspace uncontrolled and in deep space – something I’ve never seen before. Our ship had taken damage. We couldn’t reach Starship One via comms, but managed to make contact with the other two members of the Guardian Wing. We first searched the deep space around our positions, then jumped to the destination point rendezvous as quickly as we could. Nothing. Not even wreckage. ”

The Federal Navy are requesting that any pilots interested in helping to search along the Starflight One route should sign up for active duty as a member of the search and rescue team aboard Leoniceno Orbital in Azaleach.

27 MAY 3301 – Shades of the Antares Incident

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At a press conference held earlier today, Acting Federal President Felicia Winters made a personal appearance to address the rdisappearance of Starship One after failing to re-enter normal space following a routine hyperspace jump.

“The disappearance of Starship One has us all on edge. Tensions are high, and the rumour mills are making all their usual noise about terrorists, aliens, conspiracies and cover-ups. I’m afraid the truth will likely get you all far fewer viewers, but it is the truth that the people of the Federation need to hear from me now.”

“I’m told the early investigations from telemetry and uplink data suggest an explosive drive failure destroyed Starship One in hyperspace, catapulting all three of her protective Guardian Wing out of hyperspace. Wreckage is likely spread across interstellar space. I’m told there are parallels with the loss of the Highliner Antares way back in 3251 when she was lost with all hands on her maiden voyage.”

“I know I remember where I was when the Highliner Antares disappeared, and I fear we will always remember where we were the day Starship One was lost.”

“While we don’t know what caused this incident – yet – we do know that Starship One’s engines experienced an unexpected surge of power just seconds before making its last jump.”

“The search efforts will continue, of course. Our hearts and hope go out to the friends and families of President Halsey and all those lost yesterday in this terrible incident.”

26 MAY 3301 – President Misses Meeting

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Reports coming in from Saga indicate that the President has missed her scheduled meeting with delegates aboard Zudov Terminal. Maisy Stevenson, the leader of the Saga Republic Party, expressed her concern to GalNet in the following statement:

“We were expecting Starflight One to arrive a little under 38 hours ago. An escort was sent to meet Starflight One at the prearranged location, but the ship simply didn’t appear. We informed Mars and were told that the President had decided to take a last-minute detour.”

“I understand the President’s time is precious, but it would have been nice to get a little bit of advance notice. The people of Saga spent a not inconsiderable amount of time and credits preparing to greet the President, and now their hard work appears to have gone to waste. I do hope that the President manages to find time for us in her seemingly busy schedule. I would hate to think that the people of Saga had in some way been snubbed by Halsey.”

26 MAY 3301 – Federal State of Emergency: Winters Declared Acting President

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At 15:00 hours universal galactic time on 26th May 3301, Secretary of State Felicia Winters assumed the role of Acting President of the Federation in the wake of the disappearance of Spaceflight One.

Speaking in an emergency broadcast to the nation, Acting President Winters had this to say:

“It is with deep regret and some trepidation that I must come before you today to announce that contact with the President’s ship, Spaceflight One, has been lost.”

“Two days ago, Navy Command received word that the President would be taking an unscheduled detour to Azaleach. Her reasons as to why remain classified.”

“12 hours ago, following entry into hyperspace, Spaceflight One went dark. All attempts by the President’s security team to trace the vessel have met with failure.”

“Squadrons have been scrambled in an attempt to find President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, and I have faith that the Navy will do everything they can to bring them home.”

“That said, in order to maintain a clear chain of command during this time of crisis, I will be assuming the role of Acting President of the Federation effective immediately. I hope I have your support, and I hope it will only have to be a temporary measure.”

20 MAY 3301 – Anti-Federation Terrorists Linked to Artefact Research

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Over the course of the weekend hundreds of tons of Bio-Waste were dumped in and around stations in 78 Ursae Majoris. This system is currently undergoing preparations for President Halsey's arrival as part of her planned grand tour. A group calling themselves 'The Canonn' claims responsibility for this act.

An anonymous spokesperson told GalNet that they are "a movement of like-minded Commanders seeking the truth about the recently discovered 'Unknown Artefacts'." They state that they are "prepared to use whatever levers are at their disposal to increase the political pressure on the Federation government to force them to come clean." The spokesperson echoed growing fears that the artefacts could be some new weapon of mass destruction.

Parallels were immediately drawn to Dr. Arcanonn and his recent demands to the Federation government following research into the Unknown Artefacts discovered to be transported in Federation convoys. We asked Arcanonn if he was connected to this terrorist group. He denied any responsibility for the group's actions but declined to answer any further questions on the subject of his potential involvement.

However he did go on to say:

"It is clear that we are not the only ones who are growing tired of the Federation's cover-up over these artefacts and some Commanders would seem to be taking more direct action. Obviously, I do not condone such methods but I can certainly sympathise with their frustration."

"In the spirit of seeking to put an end to these disruptive acts I urge all citizens, Federation, Alliance and Empire alike, to petition your government to make public any information that they have on the origin and nature of these objects before these demonstrations escalate. I also appeal to Chief Xeno-Chemist Lyran Betar to contact me so that we can pool our resources and research into these potentially related items, in the search for answers for the common good of all humanity."

17 MAY 3301 – Federation Accused of Cover-up

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Despite pleas for information from the Scientific cross-faction coalition, the Federal Authorities remain tight lipped. According to sources close to Dr. Arcanonn and his team, Halsey's government have refused to even acknowledge that Federation ships have been transporting the artefacts through populated space, despite mounting evidence. The authorities have also been accused of providing the scientist with nothing more than cryptic responses designed to stall their investigations.

Dr. Arcanonn is quoted as saying: "This information blackout is outrageous, they have to understand that they have no right to withhold this information. I would ask all humans, no matter their allegiance, to contemplate the existence of these objects and their meaning. I would also ask them to contemplate why the other major powers are not so much as passing the slightest comment on this. What are they hiding?"

"Some members of our community are done with waiting to be fed lies, simply to allow the Federation to perhaps continue to acquire some perceived military advantage. If no information is forthcoming immediately I cannot be held responsible for the consequences."

When asked to clarify exactly what this implied, Dr. Arcanonn declined to comment further.

In a possibly related development reports suggest some Federation convoys are being shadowed by groups of unidentified combat ships.

15 MAY 3301 – 78 Ursae Majoris Increases Security Ahead of Presidential Visit

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Excitement is in the air in 78 Ursae Majoris, as millions of residents have begun preparing Seddon Gateway for the arrival of Federal President Jasmina Halsey. The exact date of the President’s arrival has yet to be announced, but residents haven’t let that stop them from arranging a week of festivities and cultural displays aboard the station.

Another group preparing for the President’s visit is the Alioth Independents, who have today announced that they will be launching an initiative to increase security in the local cluster ahead of President Halsey’s visit.

Andrew Bailey, the Mayor of Townsend Hub and local leader of the Alioth Independents had this to say about the new initiative:

“We are very conscious that once President Halsey arrives, the whole galaxy will have its eyes on our little system. 78 Ursae Majoris has been nothing but peaceful and productive since electing to join the Alliance and the Alioth Independents will do everything in our power to ensure it remains that way throughout the President’s visit.”

“Firstly, we will be running a cluster wide security campaign from Townsend Hub. As part of which, agents of the Alioth Independents will be offering a range of bonuses to bounty hunters who help clear out any unruly criminal elements in the sector.”

“Secondly, members of the Alioth Independents and our allies will be launching a military campaign to finally rid the cluster of the criminal cartel known as the Sobek Boys. Military capable Commanders interested in assisting with the campaign can likewise signup for active duty aboard Townsend Hub.”

13 MAY 3301 – President Halsey Sets Out from Sol

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The crowds were out in force on Mars today, as residents gathered to watch the presidential battlecruiser, Space Flight One, depart on the start of President Halsey’s tour of Federal frontier systems.

For security reasons, the exact details of the President’s itinerary are being kept secret. However, GalNet has been given permission to exclusively reveal the names of a dozen systems that President Halsey intends to visit during her trip. Those being:

Hip 53688, Tinia, Aleumoxii, 78 Ursae Majoris, Dietri, Su, Furuhjelm I-645, Saga, Delphin, Nanomam, Coriccha and Ross 860.

As Vice President Naylor will be accompanying President Halsey on her trip, the Secretary of State, Madam Winters, will be overseeing day-to-day operations on Mars during the President’s absence.

09 MAY 3301 – 78 Ursae Majoris Reacts to President’s Intended Visit

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Following the rather strange announcement that President Halsey will soon be visiting the ex-Federal system of 78 Ursae Majoris, GalNet reached out to local leaders and residents to get their thoughts.

“I think it’s excellent that President Halsey is finally showing some interest in what’s happening in the region. It’s a shame she won’t be swinging by Townshend, I’m sure my constituents have plenty they want to say to her about the years of neglect the system suffered under Federal rule.”

Andrew Bailey, Mayor of Townshend Hub – Alioth Independents

“The people of 78 Ursae Majoris have made their feelings about the years of neglect very clear. That is now behind us. I say if President Halsey wishes to make amends, then it is very decent of her to come here and do so in person. Let bygones be bygones. We in the 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality Party are looking forward to the President’s visit, and we hope that it will prove to be a productive experience for the residents of Seddon Gateway.”

Mary Silverstein, Seddon Gateway - Chair of 78 Ursae Majoris for Equality Party

“I thought the Lughnatics murdered Halsey? She’s coming ’ere, you say? Why? I thought we were pretty clear, !*#@ the Feds, we don’t want ’em. Well... ’ere’s ’oping no one gets any bright ideas about finishing ’er off, this place was just finally startin’ ta sort itself out.”

Gryph Jones, 78 Ursae Majoris B 3 - Farmer

09 MAY 3301 – President Halsey Refuses Shadow President’s Request

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The office of President Jasmina Halsey has today issued a statement refusing Shadow President Hudson’s demand to meet him for a live presidential debate on ‘Face the People’.

James Speakes, the President’s Press Secretary, had this to say on the matter:

“The President is of course happy to debate the Shadow President on policy. President Halsey welcomes any opportunity to talk about the many wonderful programmes she’s instigated since taking office. Sadly in this instance, prior engagements keep her from being able to attend such a debate.”

“As President of the Federation, Jasmina Halsey’s schedule is booked months in advance. Clearing her entire schedule for the next two weeks simply to take part in a debate against the Shadow President is not something that the President felt that she could do. If Shadow President Hudson still wishes to debate President Halsey when she returns from her trip, then the President will be more than happy to oblige him.”

08 MAY 3301 – Hudson Demands Debate

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It looks like the President may not be taking her planned tour after all, following news that Shadow President Hudson has publicly challenged President Halsey to a live policy debate on the popular Federal political stream show ‘Face the People’.

So far, the President’s office has declined to offer an official response to Shadow President Hudson’s request.

The President is now in the unenviable position of having to turn down the Shadow President’s request, which risks making the President appear weak at a time when she needs to appear strong in order to turn public opinion around. The alternative is being forced to cancel her trip, which could potentially lose her whatever support she’s managed to muster among her frontier followers.

As always, stay tuned to GalNet for more information as it becomes available.

28 APR 3301 – President Halsey Announces Tour of Frontier Systems

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The President’s office has today announced that President Halsey will soon be setting off on a tour of the Federal frontier systems.

The purported aim of the trip is to build stronger links between Sol and its many offspring. For years, Federal frontier systems have complained that the Mars Congress has consistently failed to provide adequate support for fledgling Federal colonies.

During the tour, local leaders will be given a chance to meet with President Halsey to discuss what Sol can do to better support local governments, frontier enterprises and Federal residents.

Some of the destinations announced include Hip 53688, Tinia, 78 Ursae Majoris, Su and Furuhjlem I-645. Other destinations are expected to be added at a later date.

27 APR 3301 – President Halsey Denounces Patron’s Principles

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This weekend saw the outbreak of a skirmish between Imperial and Federal forces in the small but significant system of Volungu. Reports indicate that the conflict was started by the Patron’s Principles, an Empire-aligned organisation based in the nearby Liaedin region.

For years Liaedin was caught in almost constant civil war as the Faveol and Blossom families fought to gain control of the region. The two sides eventually settled their differences, with the Imperial Faveol family ultimately being given governorship of the system.

Now it looks as if the feud could be starting up again, as the Faveol family-run Patron’s Principles have made the seemingly rash decision to attempt to expand their influence beyond Liaedin’s borders.

President Halsey has denounced the move by Patron’s Principles, calling it ‘a reckless abandonment of years of hard-won peace’. The Federal Navy has launched a small fleet to repel the invasion, and has requested that any Commanders interested in securing Volungu should sign up for active duty aboard Jemison Refinery.

When asked for comment, Chancellor Blaine’s office stated that the Patron’s Principles were acting without the support or knowledge of the Imperial Senate. Imperial sources close to the region noted that members of the East India Company have been dispatched to the area to try to resolve the matter peacefully.

25 APR 3301 – Hudson Praises Merchant Marines

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Shadow President Hudson returned to Mars today, where a throng of eager reporters waited to get the latest scoop on the Shadow President’s campaign to remove President Halsey from office. Instead the Shadow President had some choice words to say about the Merchant Marines and their unsanctioned operations in Empire space.

“I hear there’s been a lot of nasty accusations flying around Congress the last few days. Some have even used words like agent provocateurs, rebels, terrorists. All used to describe the brave men and women fighting to preserve our safety out there in the black.”

“Well, I have another word for you.”


“The Empire is ramping up for war, we can all see that. It’s only a matter of time before they set their eyes on Sol. Will we just sit here and watch them come? Is that how the birthplace of civilisation is going to be fall?”

“Obviously I can’t condone Federal forces operating in Imperial space. Certainly Congress didn’t authorise any such action. However, I can’t help but respect those brave fools for what they’re trying to do.”

“Get home safe, Commanders. We’ll be waiting for you when you do.”

24 APR 3301 – Merchant Marines Launch Operation Papercut

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Reports coming in from Eotienses indicate that a group of Federal Commanders, known as the Merchant Marines, are currently engaged in a series of unauthorised attacks against Imperial traders in the employ of Senator Patreus.

In a statement released to GalNet, the Merchant Marines had this to say:

“The Merchant Marines have launched Operation Papercut. We plan to blockade the Eotienses system in an attempt to stop Imperial traders from supplying Parkinson Dock with industrial materials. The group fears that High Tech production could turn Eotienses into a catalyser for the Imperial war machine already fuelled by Denton Patreus.”

“The Marines intend to interdict all traders in the system and thus halt economic growth. Traders will be given a single warning to leave the system. Any further action will result in more aggressive coercion.”

GalNet reached out to President Halsey’s office to request an official statement in regards to the Merchant Marines' actions. At time of press, the President’s office had not yet chosen to reply.

14 APR 3301 – President Under Pressure to Punish Panem

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Shadow President Hudson appeared before Congress earlier today to demand that President Halsey address the continued spread of Onionhead throughout Federal space.

Despite the implementation of aggressive Federal policies aimed at criminalising possession and distribution of Onionhead, recent reports suggest that Onionhead sales have gone up by as much as 800% in some regions.

With prohibition clearly failing, Congress is now calling on the President to once again act against the Onionhead plantations on Panem. So far, the President has been reluctant to launch another attack on Panem, citing the existence of Lucan Onionhead as proof that an all-out assault on the Onionhead fields will only result in driving the operation underground.

While the President is almost certainly correct in her assessment of the situation, that fact is unlikely to stop Shadow President Hudson from demanding she does everything in her power to shut down Panem's production once and for all.

14 APR 3301 – Hudson has Medical Meeting in Mongan

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The Shadow President’s tour of the Federation continued this week with a visit to the Reyan BPS headquarters aboard Moisuc Station, Mongan.

Shadow President Hudson met with healthcare mogul and Reyan BPS CEO, Sam Reyan, to discuss ways in which Reyan BPS and the Federal government can come together to ensure a healthier future for all members of the Federation.

Subjects under discussion included a potential universal healthcare scheme, improved supply chains for frontier worlds and a number of undisclosed projects that would operate under the purview of the Federal Navy. The proposed deals could be worth trillions of credits to Reyan BPS, a corporation who has traditionally struggled to penetrate the ultra-lucrative congressional contracts market.

With so much corporate support beginning to stabilise behind Hudson, it’s only a matter of time before the Shadow President finally makes his move to out Halsey from office.

12 APR 3301 – Public Polled on President

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Recent GalPoll results show that the President's popularity continues to fall, with her approval rating now down to an abysmal 16%, the lowest approval rating of any President to have ever remained in office in the history of the Federation.

Some (anonymous) comments from the survey are included below:

"This woman, who bombs innocent planets, who happily slaughters people, and, you know, pumps the food chain full of garbage and just everything evil she does, she probably thinks it's funny. Well it's not funny. It's sick. She should be ashamed of herself. "

"Does President Halsey even stand for anything? Seems to me all she does is chase around desperately trying to get people to like her. Well, newsflash, Mrs President, no one likes you."

"I think the President is a good woman. She did a lot of good back home and I'm sure she could do a lot of good as a member of Congress. A good President though? No. I'm afraid she's just not a good fit."

"I didn't vote for her then, and I wouldn't vote for her now!"

10 APR 3301 – Exphiay Entertains Shadow President

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This evening marks the 153rd annual Exphiay Bankers’ Ball. Shadow President Hudson will be in attendance, as will Frank Hall – CEO of Gallant Investment, Paul Wiggins – CEO of Wiggins Development Trust, and Patricia Spellman – Vice President of Sirius Finance.

The 1 million-credits-a-head dinner will see the Federation’s rich and famous rub shoulders with some of the galaxy’s most influential powerbrokers. One of the main topics of conversation is expected to revolve around fiscal responsibility in the face of the continued failing of the current Federal leadership.

Notable absences include President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, both of whom were reportedly not invited to the star-studded event. Further reports indicate that well-known liberal leaning corporations such as Better Green Developments, Roach Investment Banking, Worster Insurance, Lycan Moon Mining and Benton’s Natural Remedies were also all deliberately blocked from attending.

07 APR 3301 – President Halsey Addresses Accusations

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President Jasmina Halsey has finally chosen to directly address Shadow President Hudson's campaign to see her removed from office. In a statement issued during a rare appearance on ‘Face the People’, the President had this to say about her current situation:

"I am deeply disappointed by Mr Hudson's conduct. Have mistakes been made? Perhaps. But I say to you, any mistakes that were made, were made worse due to the constant interference of certain parties within our own ranks."

"As President, the command of our armed forces falls to me, but it does not fall to me alone. The idea that I, personally, am responsible for the Federal Navy's failure to properly secure their supply lines is patently ridiculous. As is the accusation that I am somehow responsible for pilots properly identifying their targets before murdering thousands of our civilians. I have no doubt the residents of our great Federation are smart enough to know what's really going on here."

"I am proud to serve as your President and I intend to do so for a very long time to come."

02 APR 3301 – Onionhead Sales Still Growing

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The Federal ban may have been enough to scare the Tanmark Defence Force into purging Lucan Onionhead plantations from their world, but Panem continues to stand defiant.

It’s been only two weeks since the original Onionhead went back on sale in Harvestport, and already the supply has started flowing as far away as Berrivi and Aapelinja.

So far the Federation has done little to stop the resurgence of Onionhead. Political pundits have been quick to suggest that this lethargy is most likely due to the fact that the President is paralysed by her (low) polling numbers. With her numbers so low, any mistake could cost the President her presidency.

President Halsey’s indecision will come as good news for Georgio Algeria and the Kappa Fornacis Famers Union, who will doubtless continue growing credits as quickly as they can in preparation for any potential blowback from the Federation.

02 APR 3301 – Hudson Swears to Succeed Where Halsey Failed!

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Appearing on the popular Federal Politics Show, ‘Face the People’, Shadow President Hundson faced some tough questions about his recent criticism of President Halsey.

When asked if he felt it was appropriate for an official of his level to so openly attack a presidential incumbent, Hudson had this to say on the matter:

“Well it’s like this. I feel our nation is in serious jeopardy, in no small part as a direct result of the President’s actions. So far we’ve been lucky. Her incompetence has only led to the deaths of a few hundred thousand Federal citizens. But what’s going to happen when Hengist finally dies and that maniac takes the throne in his place? Will Halsey protect us then? Personally I wouldn’t count on it. So yes, I think valid criticisms of the President’s leadership is absolutely in order at this point”

When asked what he would have done differently to President Halsey, Hudson replied:

“It comes down to proper application of resources. Kids training to protect our nation are kids that are too busy to take drugs or hide away in video games. A well trained military, coupled with proper strategic execution, would ensure Federal dominance throughout occupied space. I mean let’s face it, it doesn’t take a genius to know that if our boys need weapons to win a war, the very least you should do is make sure they have them.”

31 MAR 3301 – Naylor Pledges Support of Halsey

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After Shadow President Hudson’s scathing attack on President Halsey earlier this morning, Vice President Naylor has sworn to continue his support of President Halsey.

“The President has had to make some hard decisions. Is she always right? That’s not for me to say. What I can say is that if I were in her shoes, having to make decisions based on the same information, I would have almost certainly made the same decisions.”

“Loss of life is always regrettable, as is the loss of any member states from our great galactic Federation. However, none of that justifies the vitriol displayed by Shadow President Hudson earlier today.”

“We all know Hudson is desperate to get into office, but in the Federation it is the people who choose their leader, and they didn’t choose him. They chose Jasmina Halsey to serve as President, and until the people say otherwise, it is President Halsey I follow.”

30 MAR 3301 – Hudson Attacks President’s History

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Shadow President Hudson held a press conference on Mars earlier today to address rumours that he would be seeking support to oust President Halsey from office.

“President Halsey has proven time and time again that she is completely unfit for office. She complains about our youth wasting away in legally sanctioned virtual realities, and then off the back of shaky intelligence reports, orders the death of thousands of innocent Federal civilians trying to escape a nightmarish reality of her own making.”

“We need a commander-in-chief who understands the galaxy we live in. A leader who can make the Federation the shining beacon it was always destined to be. A president we can trust to do the right thing.”

“So to answer the question you’ve all been asking. Yes. I will be seeking support from Congress to remove President Halsey from power. How many more disasters can she be allowed to lead us through? As far I’m concerned, her removal can’t come fast enough.”

26 MAR 3301 – The War for Lugh: The Turning Point

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The turning point in the war came during the Federation’s attack on Read Gateway.

Cormac Uí Laoghire led the defence of the outpost personally, and after several days of fierce fighting, the Crimson State Group finally managed to achieve their first victory by successfully defending Read Gateway.

However, the reality is that it was more a failure on President Halsey’s part than a victory on behalf of Crimson State. The defence only succeeded due to the Federation running dangerously low on weapons for their troops.

As soon as it became apparent that the Federation was having difficulty acquiring the weapons they needed to end the war, the Crimson State Group took advantage of the military intelligence obtained during Operation Dullahan to attack Hartsfield Market.

The battle for Hartsfield Market lasted for almost 5 days, during which time the Federation managed to establish complete dominance over the skies of Lugh. Unfortunately for President Halsey, air superiority alone was not enough to win the war, a fact she soon learned when the CSG tricked her into ordering a strike against Federal refugees attempting to flee the conflict.

26 MAR 3301 – The War for Lugh: Federal Domination

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The past fortnight has seen a devastating war rage through the once peaceful nation of Lugh.

The Crimson State Group, led by Éamonn Uí Laoghire, has long sought to establish Lugh as an independent system. However, it wasn’t until Éamonn attempted to gain support from Alliance officials that things began to get violent.

Fearful that yet another rich, powerful system would soon leave the Federal fold, President Jasmina Halsey ordered the Federal Navy to suppress the populist uprising. Thousands of Federal pilots flocked to obey the President’s command, and in the early stages of the war, the Federation dominated the skies of Lugh. Countless Sons (and daughters) of Conn lost their lives in an attempt to stop the Federal Navy from simply crushing the rebel forces.

Their sacrifice bought time for the Crimson State Group to come up with a plan. As the Federation continued to rampage its way through the system, members of the Dukes of Mikunn, Emperor’s Grace and the East India Company engaged in guerrilla tactics to keep the Federation’s attention away from the work being carried out by the main CSG strike force.

Splitting their forces in two, the Crimson State Group focused on obtaining enemy intelligence and collecting weapons for their ground troops. All the while, they made sure to deliberately avoid engaging in open conflict with the vast Federal fleet.

Despite the valiant efforts of the CSG allied fleet, the Federation managed to tear through the Crimson State’s air defences, exposing the CSG-controlled outposts to a series of attacks by Federal marines. The Federation looked unstoppable as they stormed through Seega Port unchecked.

23 MAR 3301 – Faith in President Falling

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Recent popularity polls have scored the President at a shockingly low 26% approval rating, with 43% of those questioned stating that they strongly disapprove of the President’s current policy decisions.

Doubtless the latest developments in the war for Lugh are sure to be of huge concern for President Halsey. Not only has her mismanagement of the war caused the death of countless innocent Federal civilians, many of whom died as a direct result of orders given by the President, but it also now seems certain that Hartsfield Market will fall to the rebel forces.

The Federation’s failure to protect Hartsfield is being blamed on a lack of equipment, a shortage caused in no small part by the President’s failure to ensure the appropriate supply chains were set up prior to launching an attack on Lugh’s airspace.

If something isn’t done to rectify the President’s mistakes soon, the Crimson State Group will capture Hartsfield and with it control of Lugh’s satellite defence system.

23 MAR 3301 – President Orders Strike on Federal Refugees

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Disaster struck in Lugh today, following orders given by President Halsey demanding that Federal pilots attack and destroy an unarmed refugee convoy as it fled from the fighting around Lugh 6. It is estimated that 9,322 innocent Federal civilians lost their lives in the attack.

The President claims that she was presented with evidence by the Joint Intelligence Committee which confirmed that Éamonn Uí Laoghire, leader of the Crimson State Group, would be aboard one of the transports with his entourage.

However, sources close to the Crimson State Group claim that reports of Éamonn’s presence on the refugee ships were nothing more than fabrications.

Shadow President Hudson has sworn that an official investigation into the matter will be launched once the current crisis is over.

20 MAR 3301 – Halsey Honours Heroes

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Despite the actions of undercover operatives acting on behalf of the Crimson State Group aboard Hartsfield Market, the Federation continues to dominate the skies of Lugh.

Today President Halsey honours those heroes who have made the greatest contribution to the war effort.

Among them:

Lugh’s top gun, Commander Nightwulf, who has managed to singlehandedly remove almost 14,000 enemy combatants from the field of battle.

Khaka’s top logistics officer, Commander Darius Torkalar, who has personally shipped in 3000 tonnes of weapons into the area.

They have been heavily aided in their efforts by:

Post Commander Crownan

Post Commander Pablo-Diablo

Petty Officer Dave Lukewski III

As well as:

The Broker known as Commander BadBjarne

The Broker known as Commander Ranmust

The Merchant known as Commander Vorian Artreides

19 MAR 3301 – Onionhead Returns to Kappa Fornacis

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The Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union appears to be up to its old tricks again, as news has started to come out of the region that Onionhead is once again available in the ports around Panem.

“We aren’t going to be kept down by the man, man,” Georgio Algeria announced to the gathered crowds in the marketplace aboard Harvestport. “You can’t stop the crop. It’s always out there, man. That’s nature, that’s just how it works. The people know what they want, and what they want is 100% organic, original blend Onionhead.”

When asked for comment, President Halsey’s office said that the matter would be dealt with in due course.

13 MAR 3301 – Full Scale Attack on Polahukuna Postponed

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Following the declaration of war by President Halsey earlier today, the Federal Navy’s attack on Polahukuna has been postponed indefinitely. Instead the newly built Capital Ship , the FNS Nevermore, will be diverted to help with the offensive against Lugh.

Unfortunately, due to the actions of Operation Arm Chop , the FNS Nevermore is not yet equipped with a full contingent of fighters. As a result, the FNS Nevermore will not be able to set off for Lugh until the construction of its personal fleet is complete.

Core Dynamics estimate that it will be another six or seven days before the FNS Nevermore will be able to join Federal forces in their attack on Lugh, until which time it will remain safely harboured in Hudson Dock.

13 MAR 3301 – The War for Lugh

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President Halsey has today officially declared war on the Crimson State Group.

Ownership of Lugh has been hotly contested in recent months. The movement for an independent Lugh, led by the Crimson State Group, had managed to achieve a staggering 91% approval rating among the local populace. However, the figures are heavily disputed by the Lugh for Equality Party, which has recently released statistics claiming that less than 30% of the population are actively engaging in the political process.

GalNet sources close to the President have suggested that the upcoming attack will be launched from within Lugh itself. Loyal Federal pilots who want to assist with the reclamation of Lugh should sign up for active duty aboard Hartsfield Market, although Federal mercenaries are advised that it may be several days before backup arrives.

In response to the declaration of war, Éamonn Uí Laoghaire has declared that the Crimson State Group will be offering very generous payouts to any independent pilots who choose to side with Lugh in the upcoming conflict against the Federation. Mercenaries interested in taking the Crimson State Group up on its offer should sign up for active duty aboard Balandin Gateway.

09 MAR 3301 – Federal Congress Calls Emergency Session

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An emergency special session of the Federal Congress was held today to discuss how best to deal with the Crimson State Group’s attempt to force Lugh to secede from the Federation.

Lugh is home to 15.3 billion residents, who are supported almost entirely by the vast natural resources that Lugh has at its disposal.

In her address to Congress, President Halsey had this to say on the situation:

“Systems choosing to hold fair and democratic elections to determine whether they wish to remain within the Federal fold is one thing, but a group of religious fanatics petitioning a foreign power to help overthrow a democratically elected Federal government is another matter entirely. The Federation will not allow theocrats, terrorists or any other fringe organisation to usurp the right and proper rules that govern our society. If the Crimson State Group continues to go down this road then the Federation will respond with whatever force deemed necessary.”

24 FEB 3301 – Lucan Onionhead Lives On in Tanmark

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The Defence Force of Tanmark, in association with the Farmers Union of Kappa Fornacis, is pleased to announce the success of their initiative to increase the local production of Lucan Onionhead.

Over the last week hundreds of independently minded contractors delivered over 500,000 tons of land enrichment systems to Cassie-L-Peia. Specialist farmers from Kappa Fornacis were then able to stimulate the mass growth of Lucan Onionhead clones.

When asked for comment, President Halsey’s office reiterated that Lucan Onionhead is illegal within all Federal jurisdictions and that anyone caught transporting, cultivating or otherwise selling the drug would be subject to prosecution.

23 FEB 3301 – Building a New Ship - BD+03 2338

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Despite Admiral Vincent's strong words during yesterday's press conference, President Halsey has refused the Admiral's request to send additional forces for the attack on Polahukuna.

In response, the Federal Navy, in conjunction with Core Dynamics, has declared their intention to commission the creation of a new capitol ship. The new ship will be built in the recently recaptured shipyards of BD+03 2338, and the Admiral's personal contingent will remain in the locale in order to protect the construction of the new vessel.

20 FEB 3301 – President Orders Attack on Nijotec

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In a shock announcement issued this morning, President Halsey has ordered an all out assault on the Nijotec region.

In her address to the Federation, President Halsey had this to say on the matter:

“For too long the Nijotec Syndicate have been preying on the weak, innocent and infirm. I stand before you today to tell you that the Federation will not stand idly by while a supposedly legitimate independent nation abuses its own people. These openly criminal states are nothing more than self-serving parasites that have no place in greater galactic society. Let the liberations of Nijotec, Banki and BD+03 2338 serve as warnings to any tin-pot dictators who think they can send their own little slices of civilisation back to the dark ages.”

Nijotec is a small system that acts as a permanent home to just 21,500 people. In the past it was well known for its rich mineral deposits, although the system has since been strip-mined to the point where the local refineries are currently exporting very little produce. The recession in the region and the subsequent abandonment of the sector’s two outposts by the Lycan Moon Mining Corporation provided fertile ground in which the criminal group known as the Nijotec Syndicate were able to flourish and grow.

17 FEB 3301 – New VP Appointed

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In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, Congressman Ethan Naylor, the Congressman for Siren was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President.

This is a controversial choice as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world. Some have said that President Halsey is reacting to critics that here government is too Sol-centric, and others that she may regret the choice.

In his appointment speech Naylor said:

“I am honoured to have this phenomenal role. I will see it as my job to see that Federal States on the frontier will get the attention they deserve.”

15 FEB 3301 – Banki and BD+03 2338 - Over by Breakfast!

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In a speech delivered from Navy Headquarters, Admiral Vincent has expressed his pleasure over the progress being made by Federal Forces engaged in the reclamation of Banki and BD+03 2338.

“The ongoing conflicts in Banki and BD+03 2338 were not started by us. They started at the beginning of the year when lawless thugs took it upon themselves to invade their smaller, peaceful neighbours. Despite any distractions President Halsey might be facing in her failure to find a replacement for our late Vice President Smeaton, the Federation will not stand idly by while foreign powers invade federal territory under the guise of locally formed separatist movements.”

The Admiral went on to say:

“All foreign, and indeed any domestically grown, terrorist rebels we find will be dealt with decisively. Our troops are doing extremely well, and thanks to the pinpoint strikes being carried out by my men on the ground, I expect the majority of the fighting will be over by the time I have breakfast tomorrow.”

04 FEB 3301 – Federation Withdraws from Panem

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Following on from the deployment of Federal aid to the beleaguered farmers of Panem, President Halsey has today announced her intention to recall all Federal forces from Kappa Fornacis.

The President has said of this -

“I am pleased with how our marines-turned aid workers were able to help restore order to Panem so quickly - exemplary of what the Federation can offer its allies.”

The leader of the Kappa Fornacis Farmer’s Association, Georgio Algeria, has denounced the Federation’s efforts. He said to gathered reporters -

“Don’t be fooled by the Federation. They’re liars! This is just window dressing. They bully us, they burn us, now they try to buy us. Well we ain’t scared and we ain’t for sale. We say what happens on Panem, and we say Onionhead will live on!”

31 JAN 3301 – Lucan Onionhead Declared an Illegal Narcotic

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After a week of hurried testing and rushed legislation, finally Lucan Onionhead has been declared an illegal narcotic in all sectors of Federal space. This new statute was rushed onto the books in response to the appearance of a new, slightly modified strain of Onionhead in the Tanmark system.

Onionhead has proven to be a contentious issue among Federal communities over the last few months. The drug is extremely popular among young adults, with many claiming the use of Onionhead is completely harmless.

President Halsey disagrees, pointing to reports by respected Federal scientists that warn of the dangers associated with the popular narcotic. Evidence collected by Federal scientists supposedly suggests the neurological damage being done by the drug not only causes severe impairment of judgement in the short term, but that it may also cause amyloid plaques to form throughout the brains of long term users. Such studies have yet to be made available to the public.

27 JAN 3301 – Dulos Announces its Intention to Secede

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A record number of people turned out to vote on the matter of an Independent Dulos this weekend, so much so that local station services found themselves struggling to contain the sheer number of visitors to the system.

While the battle was hard fought, with impassioned last minute campaigning coming out from both sides, in the end the Defence Party of Dulos managed to garner a staggering 75% approval rating for their move towards an Independent Dulos. The Federal representatives, the Green Party of Dulos, have said that they will not be contesting the vote.

This news will come as quite a blow for President Halsey, whose heavy handed rule of Federal Frontier systems has seen a number of far flung provincial governments start to question the value of maintaining ties with Sol.

Doubtless this most recent defection will be watched with great interest by powers throughout the galaxy, although exact details regarding a roadmap towards true independence for Dulos has yet to be announced.

25 JAN 3301 – Dulos to Hold Referendum on Leaving the Federation

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The people of Dulos have finally begun preparations for the referendum that will decide whether or not the system retains its Federal status. At the moment the federal vote, represented by the Green Party of Dulos, is lagging behind by almost 30 points. If things don’t change by Monday, the Dulos Defence Party will win by a landslide, leading the system to declare itself an independent state.

Polling suggests that the movement for independence has enjoyed strong support amongst the local populace, a sentiment which is becoming more and more common among systems positioned outside of the Federal core, though in the last few days Federal supporters have become more active.

Of course not everyone is eager to leave the Federation behind. The independence movement in Sugrivik has failed to sway local voters to their cause, despite a significant amount of credits being spent by Purple Netcoms Holdings in an attempt to persuade people to back their play for independence.

When asked for comment in regards to the Dulos referendum, President Halsey’s office issued a statement saying that the President trusts the people of Dulos to do the right thing.

21 JAN 3301 – Embattled Federal President Asks Us to ‘Hold Firm’

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In a Presidential address last night, President Jasmina Halsey gave a length speech outlining the various successes she claims her government has made over the course of their current term. However, when pressed to answer questions regarding the recent wave of systems scrambling to leave the Federal fold, President Halsey simply said -

“We are facing troubled times. While it is easy for some to declare that the military are the solution, we must look further ahead. Our society fails those who need our help the most and it is by lifting those at the bottom that we will restore Federal society to what it should be.”

Political pundits were quick to point out that her speech contained very little substance, with many complaining that the President had failed to address any of the actual threats that face the Federation today. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that her mishandling of the current socioeconomic climate has left the Federation weaker than it has ever been before, pointing to the recent slide of Banki and BD+03 2338 into states of lawless anarchy as prime examples of the President’s continued failures.

20 JAN 3301 – Dulos System Sees Massive Swing for Independence

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Commentators from the Dulos system are reporting a massive swing in the popularity of the Dulos Defence Party who recently announced that they would seek to withdraw the system from the Federation. A spokesman for the party said -

“Following on from our success with the economy for the markets under our control this additional boost just reinforces that our vision for the future of our system is the correct one.”

An official statement from President Halsey’s office has not been forthcoming and this news can only increase the political turmoil her presidency has become embroiled in.

16 JAN 3301 – Investigation in to VP Death Inconclusive

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Despite the suspicious circumstances that have been widely reported, no further information has come to light. Social media is alleging a high level cover-up, and it seems large amounts of data have disappeared due to system failures.

President Halsey is said to be devastated, and gave a brief statement offering her sympathy to the family. It is understood there are a great many discussions going on behind the scenes to appoint a new VP, which under Federal Law must be completed within 30 days of the VP’s loss.

Alder Simons has given an emotional interview on the chat show ‘Jenkinson’-

“It’s big business behind his murder. Those evil people – the military industrial complex of old – they’ve always been against my dear Nigel’s government and its policies. Who else could launch such a big cover-up without attracting attention?”

15 JAN 3301 – Major Corporation Declares Independence

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In a shock move the Purple Netcoms Holdings Corporation has declared itself as independent and have called on commanders to help it to withdraw the Sugrivik system from the Federation.

The CEO of the company angrily denounced the recent tax rises by President Halsey and claiming that her actions are a direct blow to the viability of the corporation and the well-being of its population.

“These tax rises put people’s jobs on the line and we are not going to let a President without any working knowledge of the economy ruins our lives or livelihood!”

Responding to the statement a representative of Sugrivik Labour condemned the declaration and affirmed their support for the President, without explicitly supporting the tax rises.

11 JAN 3301 – Federal President Clarifies Approach to Onionhead

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In an attempt to quell the clamour for her resignation President Jasmina Halsey has tried to clarify the rift between the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Vincent, and her office.

“Admiral Vincent runs our Navy, and I run the government. From time to time, he gives me a status report on naval operations, and we discuss issues of importance to the Federation. On the events in Kappa Fornacis the Admiral acted unilaterally, and simply reported his actions after the orders had been carried out. It is not my role to interfere with naval operations, but I do expect to be consulted when decisions of such import are made.”

Political pundits are speculating that this carefully worded speech she read out must have been the results of negotiations between the Navy and Halsey’s office. They are rumoured to detest each other, and the friendship between the Shadow President and Admiral Vincent has doubtless not gone unnoticed.

09 JAN 3301 – Federal President Booed

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This morning during the ceremony to mark the start of term at the prestigious Olympus Village University When President Halsey began her talk a large number of the assembled students began booing her.

The university principal apologised profusely to the President before she left. Nevertheless the damage was done, and the event was carried on newsfeeds throughout much of human space – and her embarrassed and indecisive reaction and she attempted to proceed with her speech is now the butt of much satirical humour.

29 DEC 3300 – Federal President Announces Tax Rises in New Year

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In a move causing shockwaves throughout Federal space, President Halsey has announced Federal tax increases.

"I am sorry and I appreciate people are frustrated about this, but I have to announce further Federal tax rises. This is to cover our ever increasing welfare burden, and high military spending."

Federal taxation is already a problem throughout Federal space, and this squeeze where the frontier worlds are effectively supporting the rich core systems is causing unrest amongst the frontier states.

Commentators have suggested the Shadow President's speech yesterday was triggered by some inside knowledge or leak from the President's staff. Confidence ratings of the President are now at an all-time low.

28 DEC 3300 – Federal Shadow President Demands Conscription

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In the traditional speeches that mark the re-opening of Congress after the holiday, Congressman and Shadow President Zachary Hudson has outlined his views for the coming year.

In a long speech highly critical of his opponent President Halsey, the only new element was his criticism of Federal youth.

"We need to get the unemployed lazy youth of our core systems off their backsides. They need to get off their sims, and in to the real world to do something useful. We need to counter the Imperial threat. Let's get them into the Marines and the Navy. Let's spend our tax credits on protection, not sloth. The Navy never did me any harm."

27 DEC 3300 – Shadow President Hudson Supports Navy

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In what is usually a quiet time for politics the Shadow President has given an interview to support Admiral Vincent.

"Our military forces have always operated independently of government. In fact some of the worst events in our long history were caused by political meddling in military matters. President Halsey is out of order to distance herself as she has. Our forces need to be able to enforce the law in far flung systems, and we should be pleased that they do so very well. It is clear that sometimes the law they are enforcing is the problem, and it is up to Halsey to change that."

If it is indeed the case that these actions took place without direct orders from the President it suggests a rift between the beleaguered President and her top Admiral.

26 DEC 3300 – Commanders Decide Two Civil Wars as Torval Triumphs, Patreus Defeated but Defiant

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Commanders' assistance helped Imperial Senator Zemina Torval gain a crushing victory and 76% influence in the Sorbago system. Torval used the Mastopolus Mining Corporation as a front to acquire slaves and bolster her power base in the manoeuvring to succeed the ailing Emperor Hengist Duval.

Senator Denton Patreus was dealt a bloody nose in the Jera system, with Commanders weighing in to ensure that the incumbent Jera Social Democrats remained in power despite Patreus's best efforts.

The Emperor himself has been making quite an impact for such an allegedly frail man. Days after appearing in the Senate to pronounce his son and heir Harold 'not of sound mind', Hengist Duval announced his intention to marry his sweetheart from their younger years, Florence Lavigny.

Even in his condition, the Emperor will be fully aware of the focus this throws on his and Florence's illegitimate daughter Arissa. The soon-to-be Princess Arissa immediately announced her intent to change her surname to Duval, seemingly putting her in pole position in the succession race.

Undeterred by his defeat in Jera, Senator Patreus has declared all out war on the tiny feudal system of Durius for defaulting on massive loan payments to him. Commanders are taking this fresh opportunity to earn credits whilst influencing the wider battle for Imperial succession. Although support for the Durius government has risen slightly since Patreus's intervention, the outcome is still very much in the balance.

The Federation are also active. After blockading Kappa Fornacis and then apparently sending Federal dropships in to bomb its Onionhead farms, President Halsey yesterday surprisingly sought to deny responsibility for the outrage - she suggested Admiral Vincent was acting without her authority.

25 DEC 3300 – Federal President Denies Onionhead Crackdown

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After the traditional Presidential Christmas Eve banquet in New York on Earth in Sol last night, the President was confronted by a crowd protesting against ‘Oniongate' - and the bombing of fields and farms on Panem in Kappa Fornacis.

Struggling to speak above the noise of the crowd chanting “Babykiller”, President Halsey answered questions from the press.

"I have heard about the terrible events on Panem. I did not issue any orders to crack down on the narcotic onionhead, and certainly did not authorise bombings of the surface. Admiral Vincent has operated without my authority and I have asked for an enquiry to see how this happened."

This is a surprising development, as it seems unlikely Admiral Vincent would have acted without support from the top. Some are saying this is Halsey washing her hands of the problem.

19 DEC 3300 – Onionhead and the Slaves of Sorbago

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16 December 3300 was the day President Halsey declared the onionhead narcotic illegal in Federal systems.

The outrage amongst the Farmer's Cooperative may be tempered by the fact that her edict doesn't seem to have had much effect on Commanders' activity, quite the oppostite in fact, with Kappa Fornacis' finest produce being eagerly distributed to the black market throughout the galaxy, and especially within Federal systems.

We've heard a whisper that Madame President's dismay at this may lead her to start flexing her metaphorical muscles.

Meanwhile Senator Torval is looking to shore up her powerbase in the deadly game of Imperial succession that is being played out. Her wealth is built on slavery, and from the 26 million credits claimed by Commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the Senator it looks like she is gaining traction.

Senator Denton Patreus, meanwhile, is engaged in a more even fight. Ever the one to manipulate strife to his own ends whilst disguising his intentions with grandiose sentiments, Patreus has thrown his considerable resources behind the Jera Nationalists. The incumbent Jera Social Democrats are currently managing to hold their own in the battle for control in the system, with Commanders' support evenly split.

16 DEC 3300 – Federal President Declares Plant an Illegal Narcotic

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The Federal President Jasmina Halsey has declared the newly discovered rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space. Onionhead is the fruit of an alien plant, only grown on Panem in the independent Kappa Fornacis system.

Halsey has said she is concerned by the effect it is having on Federal youth in that part of the galaxy.

"We must be strong and protect our youth from vile substances that are rotting their minds. This is why I have taken this difficult step."

13 DEC 3300 – The Chancellor Speaks Out

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The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting. Nevertheless speculation is rife. The Chancellor, Senator Anders Blaine, has tried to quell the speculation.

"The great Emperor Hengist has not involved himself in the detail of politics for a long time. It is a terrible loss for us all that he is unwell, but even if the worst does come and our beloved Emperor passes away, we will have a coronation, we will have a spectacular ceremony and some great parties, but nothing will really change. The Senate and I will continue to run the Empire."

It is said that actions speak louder than words, and it has been noted that many shipyards throughout Imperial space appear to be concentrating on bringing numerous Imperial Interdictors run by key Senators to battle readiness with full squadrons of fighters. This is highlighted by the reduced number of new ships they are completing on the open market.

All five of the slaver Senator Torval's 'enforcers' – giant battle-hardened Interdictors – have left port, and her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht "Xanadu", which still packs a punch, is ready to travel at a moment's notice. Senator Patreus's fleet is also mobilised, though this is not so unusual, but we expect some fireworks in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile in the Federation, another vote in Congress has gone against besieged President Halsey. She has been forced to remove her block on the Navy's latest budget. Shadow President Hudson declared this a major victory.

"Finally our once great Navy can operate again. Belatedly our heroes can return to full pay, and we can start to bring our fleet out of mothballs. Our Frontier States can once again see the justification for their taxes, and the powerful support we can bring to them."

We couldn't get a comment from the Alliance leadership, but we did manage to speak to a junior aide who wanted to remain unnamed.

"It's depressing they're at it again. I thought Halsey was better than that. Doubtless millions will die, and there's not much the Alliance can do except broker the odd meaningless set of peace talks after they've had at each other."